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Security and Compliance in Office365 | Part 1

Welcome to the webinar recording on Security and compliance in Office 365. In this session, I...
Vignesh Ganesan
21th Mar 2018

Cloud Technology can spike SMB cash flows by up to 308% - A Microsoft Survey

If your organization classifies as SMB (Small and medium businesses), we have a great news for...

Christopher Vincent
19th Mar 2018

7 best practices in building an effective Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace is a revolution. It is a change, a transition. But as any new change, Digital...

Arut Selvan
16th Mar 2018

How to Use Microsoft flow to build ticketing System in SharePoint

In this article I have explained how to create a help desk solution using SharePoint Out of box...

Swatismita Biswal
14th Mar 2018

Less Known Facts about Office 365 Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With recent developments in the Cloud Space, CDN is getting more popular and no wonder,...

Chanakya Jayabalan
12th Mar 2018

Time to migrate to pnp/pnp from sp-pnp-js (PnP core library)

SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) is an open source initiative to share documentation,...

Chanakya Jayabalan
9th Mar 2018

How to get SharePoint list item in Android using REST API

Welcome readers again to a blog related to SharePoint in Android. Hope you enjoyed my previous...

Hari Murugesan
7th Mar 2018

How to display images from SharePoint on your Android

Let us suppose you are developing an Android App that pulls images from a SharePoint list and...

Hari Murugesan
5th Mar 2018

6 Misconceptions people still have about a Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace is no doubt the future. Medium to big enterprises have already almost...

Chanakya Jayabalan
2th Mar 2018

How to create Custom SharePoint site designs in O365

The much-awaited Custom SharePoint site designs are finally out there. This gives SharePoint...

Ravin Thangaraj
28th Feb 2018