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Azure Slots / Staging Environment - Making Deployments Easier

How happy would you be if you got a chance to test your app in the same platform/environment as...

Chanakya Jayabalan
5th Jun 2018

What is traffic decoration and how you can use it to best avoid throttling in SharePoint online

SharePoint online uses throttling at different levels to ensure reliability & meet performance...

Chanakya Jayabalan
1th Jun 2018

How to read SharePoint TermStore (Managed Metadata) using REST API

SharePoint itself provides REST API for each site you create. It is such wonderful thing to help...

Jayakumar Balasubramaniam
31th May 2018

Move Site Columns From A SharePoint Site To Another Using PNP PowerShell

Using PNP, we can retrieve the complete backup of a site but just to move the site columns from...

Arut Selvan
31th May 2018

4 simple ways to get the best returns out of your Office 365 investment

Recent reports states that Microsoft has more than 120 billion Office 365 commercial monthly...

Chanakya Jayabalan
30th May 2018

Information Architecture with SharePoint – An Introduction

SharePoint Information Architecture is the art of organizing and it’s a science to labeling the...

Sekar Thangavel
29th May 2018

Reading More Than 5000 Items Using REST API In SharePoint Framework With Angular

SharePoint always comes with some restriction to boost up the performance. One of the...

Jayakumar Balasubramaniam
24th May 2018

Does your company have an ideation management system?

An engaged workforce is half the job done. If the employees do not feel part of the game, the...

Suprej Venkat
23th May 2018

How Secure is your Office 365 Ecosystem? Part 1

So, today’s blog post is going to be focused on the Security and Compliance features in Office...

Vignesh Ganesan
17th May 2018

Useful PowerShell cmdlets to administer Office 365 Groups – Part 2

Hey folks, hope you enjoyed my First blog on PowerShell cmdlets and as promised here is the...

Vignesh Ganesan
12th May 2018