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Ashwathi Manohar

Ashwathi Manohar
Ashwathi, a former Python developer is the new kid around the block in the Business Analysis vertical. Besides her primary role, she writes blogs on Microsoft Teams, educating the young and the old alike about the product which is slowly gaining prominence in digital workplaces.
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Recent Posts

A Deep Dive into Meetings in MIcrosoft Teams

Since Meetings is quite a huge topic to cover in a single stretch, in the previous blog, there...

Ashwathi Manohar
29th Jan 2019

A Quick Look at Meetings in Teams

At any given time, the reason behind running any successful business is productive meetings,...

Ashwathi Manohar
14th Jan 2019

A panoramic view of Microsoft Teams

A Team is a group of people gathered to get something big done in your organization. Sometimes...

Ashwathi Manohar
18th Dec 2018

Understanding Chat in Microsoft Teams

Click on theNew chaticon at the top of the app to start a new conversation. In the New Chat...

Ashwathi Manohar
14th Dec 2018

A Quick Look at Activities in Microsoft Teams

We will be looking at the Activity feeds of MS Teams in today’s article in detail 

Ashwathi Manohar
12th Dec 2018

A Quick Look at Navigating Options in Teams

This article shares information about the navigation options available in Microsoft Teams. We'll...

Ashwathi Manohar
6th Dec 2018

An Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool with features like Chat, Groups, Meetings, Calls and...

Ashwathi Manohar
3th Dec 2018