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Shiva Guru N

Shiva Guru N
Shiva Guru fancies himself a Content Marketer. He contributes blogs, social media posts and e-mail copies for Hubfly. Besides working, he enjoys engaging in a game of badminton, reading fiction and decoding the last Shashi Tharoor tweet. He is still stuck at Hippopotomontsrosesquispedaliophobia.
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How an Intranet can Boost Your Employee Engagement

Why all the fuss about Employee Engagement? Don’t business folks have enough on their hands...

Shiva Guru N
27th Dec 2018

3 Ways you can Enhance Employee Engagement at work

There is working and there is being productive. What is the difference? Glad you asked! Let us...

Shiva Guru N
27th Nov 2018

How Hubfly helps overcome some of the challenges faced by a small to medium business

Limited funds. Limited Workforce. Pressure to keep the firm afloat. Pressure to get profitable...

Shiva Guru N
9th Nov 2018

Why should Small to Medium Enterprises Prefer Hubfly Intranet?

Hubfly Intranet is the easiest way for a small to medium business to get its employees engaged....

Shiva Guru N
7th Nov 2018

Intranet for Small Business – the Essentials and Need

Intranets are no more the citadel of big business with wads of money to flash. It has become...

Shiva Guru N
11th Oct 2018

Intranets – Your Tool for Getting Employees Fully Engaged

Intranets are not just tools that you use to share documents. These are jobs that can be done in...

Shiva Guru N
24th Sep 2018

Football World Cup 2018 vs Hubfly’s Unified Digital Workplace

OUR FUN SERIES BLOG!We are on the eve of the Football World Cup 2018 to be hosted in Russia. At...

Shiva Guru N
15th Jun 2018

Custom built Intranet vs Readymade Intranet

The 3-factor to Consider when you Compare Custom-built Intranet with Readymade Intranet

Shiva Guru N
12th Jun 2018

Top 3 Best Advantages of Ready-to-go Intranet

Everything on the Internet has some unsaid myths associated with it. The Ready-to-go Intranet is...

Shiva Guru N
11th Jun 2018