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Suprej Venkat

Suprej Venkat
Suprej has a healthy obsession with all things digital. Constantly exploring and pushing boundaries, his enthusiasm for every little thing he does is quite frankly infectious. When not pushing pixels or dropping code, it's been reported that Suprej pursues his passion for superbikes and saving big cats and their habitat which led him to co-found Wild Tiger Foundation.
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Finding and Retaining the best talent in Coimbatore

Some of the technology that we work with at Hubfly is truly cutting edge. We as a company thrive...

Suprej Venkat
18th Jul 2018

Does your company have an ideation management system?

An engaged workforce is half the job done. If the employees do not feel part of the game, the...

Suprej Venkat
23th May 2018

5 benefits of Intranet ‘as a service’ and why it will be the future

More and more businesses are now opting for ‘as a service’ model. That is how they can fulfil...

Suprej Venkat
13th Dec 2017

Investing in a Corporate Intranet? Here’s How You Quantify Your Returns

Collaborative tech is a phenomenon which has been gripping our organizational landscape for the...

Suprej Venkat
7th Sep 2017

The Tenets of a ‘Dynamic’ Intranet and How it Benefits Your Business

“The first thing I do when I log in at work is to open either Facebook, Youtube or a News...

Suprej Venkat
30th Aug 2017

Collaborative Tech: Why the Intranet is the Solution to the Problem of Plenty

22C for Collaboration. Yes, it’s that ubiquitous buzzword that has been in vogue for the better...

Suprej Venkat
22th Aug 2017

The future of Digital Workplaces with Artificial Intelligence

So far digital workplaces and Intranets have been web based portals and mobile apps through...

Suprej Venkat
17th Aug 2017

The importance of communication within companies, more so in startups

A motivated group of employees can make all the difference between a company growing or coming...

Suprej Venkat
2th Aug 2017

How to find out what a digital workplace means to your business?

The term digital workplace is certainly not new and was prominent in the early 2000's but lost...

Suprej Venkat
1th Aug 2017