Benefits of migrating to Cloud Environment

Are you still in oscillation to migrate to cloud? and doing business online? You are landed in a perfect place which will remove your confusion. Here are the key advantages you get while migrating to cloud based environment. 

  • Availability 
  • Scalability  
  • High Computing 
  • Flexibility 
  • Server Maintenance 
  • Pay-as-go 
  • Improved Performance 

Let’s get one step deeper on each aspect to get you more clarify.  


It’s the first thing that comes to the context when you move over to cloud computing. Have you heard of terms like “Anytime Anywhere”, “24/7”, computing in cloud is a best example.  

Irrespective of where you are or what time it is, your cloud services or applications are available to you to access and perform any actions or operations in it. 


You will have flexibility to increase or decrease the resources based on the requirement. Let’s take this with perfect example. Assume you are running an eCommerce application.  

“In festival times, there will be huge traffic coming into the application for checking your various offers and deals. How will you manage such a situation which will be there only for few months? here you need to increase server load balancing and decreasing the server load balancing once the festival season is over. But you cannot buy a complete server infra for this short period of time.” 

Here come’s cloud computing scalability concept, which means you can increase your server instance whenever you want and decrease it whenever you want and the beauty is you will be charged only for that time span. 

High Computing

Powerful Computing capabilities will increase the performance of the application to a great extent. But you may be in a situation where you cannot afford or maintain such a high performing server.  

Cloud opens up the door for that also, you don’t even an admin to decide or to maintain such high-performance servers. It’s just about picking the right service and you can give it a trial and if it really increases the productivity you can use it else you can downgrade to lesser versions. 

Server Maintenance

Maintaining servers is a big money, you have to recruit a well-trained system administrator and give them the proper infrastructure like cooling systems, office building and maintenance of the office space. A huge money involved, but in case of cloud computing everything you can maintain with just a normal laptop and browser. 

You can decide whether you are going to maintain either server or just the applications used in it. That you can decide while choosing the plan and also if change your decision you can switch the plans anytime. 


Here comes the core advantage of moving towards cloud computing. “Pay-As-You-Use”, you will be charged only for the usage or consumption that you have utilized. 

If you want to use a specific service or server only for few months, you turn it off before and after your actual requirement. The billing will be applicable only for the few months when you have consumed those services. But it’s your role to turn the services OFF once the need is over, else you will be charged until it is running. 

Improved Performance 

Since you get everything in your laptop/mobile starts from purchasing a high performing computing system to maintaining it also in the cloud. It in turn will increase the productivity of your team and get you the results much faster. 

Hope you got better insights of the benefits involved in migrating your resources to cloud computing. Enjoy computing with cloud! 

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