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3 Important Features Your BPM Should Have

So, you have decided to invest in a BPM tool. Great decision and congratulations. BPM software definitely helps your business run more effectively, more automated and better streamlined But when you are evaluating a business process management suite for your company, there are certain things that you should focus on.

Feature-rich Designer

Check if your BPM has a robust designer to handle every workflow you can think of. It should have options to easily fetch information from your existing database. In addition to that, it should have advanced reporting options to output your processed data.

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The power of Integration

Let us suppose you are looking for a cloud based BPM tool, but you already use an on-premises Workflow Management Tool and have a couple of workflows already running. Think if you are not able to integrate your existing workflows to your new cloud based BPM solution? It is not worth the migration, right? So, have a watch on that while deciding your BPM tool.

Plug in Anywhere!

Business process management software that operate in silos tend to become obsolete sooner than later. It should have the ability to integrate with related could apps you already have. A good BPM suite should be able to facilitate better communication within the other tools you use. You should be able to transmit your data seamlessly between users working for different teams like HR, Finance, Marketing & Sales etc.

So, before investing into a Business Process Management solution, have a checklist of your existing applications. (cloud or on-premises) And validate if you have the best integration features against every existing app. So that you can use your existing data to connect with your new tool


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