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4 Business Process Management Myths Demystified

BPM – Business Process Management. So, what actually is Business Process Management? If you’re running a business you very well know, it demands clear process for each task starting from On Boarding, Exit Process, Handling Leaves or so on. This kind of workflow normally requires human intervention at every step, lots of paperwork and a considerable waiting time. Isn’t it?

What if a Workflow Management system could solve all this by offering you…

  • More Effective
  • More Efficient
  • More Adaptive (to ever-changing systems)
  • And Completely Automated…

solutions that will help accomplish all your organization tasks. That is exactly what a Business Process Management software will do. We have a lot of Business Process Management Tools that runs on Google Apps, Microsoft SharePoint and so on.

In spite of all this buzz around Business Process Management System, there is a misconception that these kind of enterprise tools are not for Small & Medium Businesses (SMB’s). If you are one of those backing this, it is time to give a second thought.

“If you think BPM is only for those BIG guys, you’re wrong!”

Let us now discuss those 5 myths holding you as a SMB owners to use an effective Business Process Management Tool.

We’re good handling the Workflows the old-school manual way!

You might be doing okay now with a manual process. But don’t you think it is prone to errors, have a lot of room for loopholes, tracking individual files are almost a mission impossible? The bitter truth is that you don’t have an idea of how bad your process is running. By automating your workflow with an effective Business Process Management tool, you can run your processes much faster, more efficiently. Not only that, you get all key analytics on how to tweak and improvise your process.

We’ll have to pay through our nose for a BPM Software

You might be right to some extent with regards to the price. Enterprise solutions might be costly. Even if you opt for an open-source model, you will have to hire a team to maintain that. The best solution is to go for a SaaS (Software as a Service) model where you pay only for the services you use. You eliminate all the upfront costs that are required for acquiring a Business Process Management Software and pay only a very affordable monthly subscription.

We can’t afford to have a dedicated IT support team

Yes, that is a problem. But there is a solution. Go for a cloud-based solution where all your software and servers would be on vendor’s cloud and you can pay on a SaaS model as we already discussed above. You don’t need an IT team to handle any future updates or work hard on maintenance.

We’re already running too much of apps already

Most SMB owners would have to rely on at least a couple of tools already. You might already have invested a considerable amount to handle your financial, marketing, payroll services. Some of these tools might claim to have an in-built workflow already. But you know, these kinds of workflows are just basic and will not be able to handle your complete office workflow. To efficiently handle your workflow, you will have to invest in some Workflow Management tool that handles Business Process Management end to end. We already have shown you how to get it at an affordable price.

If you have any questions or points to add, see you in the comments section.

Christopher Vincent

Written by Christopher Vincent

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