Everything you need to know about Appraisal Management?

Appraisal of employee performance is the most important process for any organization. Sometimes, it is even easy to hire the right people, but retaining them is not so. Do we really need an Appraisal Management tool or could that be handled manually?

Appraisal is a yearlong process of employee review and manually tracking tasks, goals is not a viable solution. Most companies will have an automation tool that simplifies the process of employee performance management. If you are running your network on SharePoint, building an Appraisal management app with SharePoint is the ideal solution.

Things to look for in an Appraisal Management App

Appraisal might be a days process, but the amount of data to be captured and maintained is huge. For instance, capturing evolving KPIs, change in the department, etc. Keeping track of each data is the key for an employer so that employee will decide whether to stick with the company or move on.

SharePoint Intranet Software

Before settling on an Appraisal Management app, please ensure if it supports the basic features any Appraisal Management tool should have. Here is a concise list of features you should look for.

A good Appraisal Management Tool should essentially have the below features:

  1. A workflow that is collaborative & customizable
  2. Ability to design flexible Performance Review forms
  3. Multiple templates for Performance Review
  4. Options to run group performance reviews and track them
  5. Add custom fields and questions on-demand
  6. Options for offering Performance-based bonuses
  7. History data of performance reviews
  8. Receive & update 360-degree feedback
  9. Company-wide analytical reporting on employee performance

People often overlook the business benefits of having a proven employee performance/appraisal system. If you have a centralized and standard framework to hold performance appraisal data, it not only helps speed up the entire process and aids with process efficiency but more importantly, management can focus on strategy and set up goals for their employees. That is how they can drive their workforce towards their company overall objectives.

There is no better tool to measure individual performance throughout the organization. How else can the management identify top performing employees for further development? Appraisal plays an important role in employee retention also.

There are lots of Appraisal management tools “ both standalone and cloud-based“ but if you are running your Intranet on SharePoint our best suggestion would go after a SharePoint Appraisal Management App. If you need any support, you are welcome to request a free trial or contact us.

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