6 Misconceptions people still have about a Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace is no doubt the future. Medium to big enterprises have already almost transitioned themselves to a Digital Workplace. Small businesses too are joining the Digital Workplace bandwagon at a much faster pace. Despite all these, people still have some misconceptions about a Digital Workplace. This article, briefly discusses some of the top misconceptions people have about Digital Workplace.

It’s all about technology

People often think, Digital Workplace is all about technology and it highly depends on how people interact and collaborate. No, Digital Workplace is not only about giving you technology tools for your work environment. A true Digital Workplace is something that is human centered and fosters the team work and collaboration.

It’s a trend that will not last long

People often think that jargons like Digital Workplace might come and fade away sooner than later. But that is not true. Digital Workplace has already in the mainstream and used by more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies. The concept of a collaborative workplace is gaining more acceptance eventually. Definitely, this is not just a short-term hype that will fade away in the long run.

Digital Workplaces doesn’t suit my line of business or team

Managing a digital workplace means taking more holistic view of technology than ever before. A Digital Workplace helps deliver tailored, relevant content to different set of people, irrespective of your line of business or irrespective of the department/team you are in. For example, factory and field workers have typically had poor access to digital services in the past and the digital workplace is helping to correct that.

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It’s just a rebranding of the intranet

The Digital Workplace has scope elements like email, HR systems, CRM systems, and more which requires different mindset to handle. Intranet is just a key channel like a key for entry and exit for establishing. But a Digital Workplace means a lot more. – Collaboration, Communication, Engagement.

Digital Workplaces are not that important

In today’s world, to achieve their daily tasks, employees have to spend their days mostly in a digital environment. Digital Workplace can make a transformation in carrying out individual roles and also by improving productivity. Even employees engagement can be changed since intranet is a key element of the experience. Digital Workplace is considered an asset

A Digital Workplace is not affordable

Digital Workplace may sound new but it is completely a requirement now. Digital workplace improves and evolves gradually. While introducing new system there should be major investment but to move forward always small improvements and small investment would suffice.

If you are interested, we have covered the misconceptions small and medium business have.

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