7 best practices in building an effective Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace is a revolution. It is a change, a transition. But as any new change, Digital Workplace transformation too doesn’t happen easily. But sooner or later, people understand that great things never come out from comfort zones.

The process will sure be challenging but let us discuss the 7 best practices in building an effective Digital Workplace for easy adoption of your employees.

1. Keep using the Terminology consistently

This will help in using consistent terminology across various stakeholders. This will help eliminate redundancy, confusions, misunderstandings and ambiguity and help to deliver a consistent story across. Different teams might have different perspectives, various agendas and different source of references.

IT and Communications and Human Resources are never going to have same perspectives. Just do a homework on what a Digital Workplace means to you. If you have an equivalent term that you find more relevant, feel free to use and stick to it.

2. Your Key Stakeholders are vital

The Digital workplace has an impact on everyone. It is your job to identify right people and try to involve a set of key individuals who are cross-functional. However, this can’t be achieved just with internal communications or as a part of IT team’s initiatives.

There are chances that your senior stakeholders are not much interested as others. The only solution is to meet your key stakeholders face-to-face and explain, probably with a demonstration on how this can improve the business.

3. Identify a champion

There are chances that one of your stakeholder is already pursuing your agenda. You might come to know of such scenarios while consulting with your stakeholders.

If you spot such a chance, that means you could easily convince the rest of your stakeholders. Having a champion with you will obviously make other stakeholders support you much.

4. Research the market

Doing your own research is the only way to get data that really helps to add credibility to your promotion. There are lots of areas you could focus on starting from getting to know the pain points of employees, the opportunities they have, what is your competition doing, how an effective digital workplace could transform the way your employees work, and how well a Digital workplace could align with your existing roadmaps that your organization has.

There are lots more to do the research and you should do that. If you have some real data either through workshops, surveys or other means, your senior management will sure throw their attention.

5. Your workplace may be Digital, but make it tangible

The concept of a Digital Workplace might look intangible. But you could make it tangible in terms of what it offers, how you could benefit etc. Digital assets such as screenshots, case study documents, wireframes, roadmaps, specific benefits and forthcoming scenarios can make the relevant employee group have a feel of your digital workplace.

Most of your senior leaders would not have much time to explore your digital workplace. Making your digital workplace tangible is the only way they could appreciate the changes and feel the difference.

6. Develop a strategy, have a roadmap

To take your digital workplace goal a step ahead, you should know what your priorities are and where you are heading to. That kind of a roadmap and a strategy is essential. In fact, that will be the first step towards building your digital workplace to perfection.

If you are able to get such a business case, you can take your digital workplace to the next level. You could organize stakeholder workshops where you strive hard to get agreement in these areas will be a good base to establish your authority and momentum for your digital workplace.

7. Never stop, keep moving!

Digital workplaces keep evolving together with organizations. It is important for everyone to keep moving forward. Irrespective of whether you are developing your individual channels or integrating the experience, or establishing governance, making employees to work in the new evolved digital space, or whatsoever there is always a long way to go. All this requires us never to stop and keep moving to

Do it today, start now

In a digital workplace, you have lots of real opportunities to contribute to your organizations future and how well the digital transitions get adopted to your environment. Even if no one is talking about the digital workplace you can take lead and contribute. Let us start today and the benefits will follow tomorrow. Voice out for support from your peers so that you can together build a great digital workplace.

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