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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Digital Workplace

We would like to start this article with some interesting facts that appeared in the WallStreet Journal sometime back. "One trillion pieces of paper are printed or photocopied by workers every year in the US alone. If you add the utility bills, invoices and the like, it is 1.6 trillion papers.The same article also says that if we stack up all those together, it would be 18000 times that of Mount Everest and would reach halfway to the moon!

Let us talk the other benefits of Digital Workplaces in a while. But just think about the papers saved. That single reason would suffice to go Digital. Don’t you agree?

We are in a new era where enhanced digital dexterity that the workforce possesses is offering significant competitive advantages. Digital Workplaces has enabled innovative and effective ways of working and also contributing to increase employee engagement and agility.

Well, let us discuss the 5 important reasons why you should think of investing in a Digital Workplace

Anytime, Anywhere Access!:

With a mobile app, you literally carry an Intranet in your pockets. It gives you anytime anywhere access irrespective of your location, the device you have and so on. An Intranet that offers a mobile app is something really worth considering.

Business Agility:

You have the agility because a good digital workplace frees us to work from anywhere. Organizations need to think through the impact this has on how office space is used, the devices they issue and the skills people need for virtual work.

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Communication & Collaboration:

Corporate networks need to be equipped to handle simultaneous voice, video, and data communication, both in and outside the company network. A Digital Workplace should essentially have tools for effective communication and collaboration

Content Management:

Especially, when your organization is large you will be dealing with a lot of documents and hence your Intranet should have Document management solutions. Have a check o that before you invest on a Digital Workplace. That helps how information is managed, curated and pushed out at the right time.

Business Productivity Applications:

If you have Business Apps like Leave Request, Timesheet, Meeting Room booking, Asset Management etc. you would be able to access all tools within your Dashboard, a unified experience giving you top-notch productivity.

The Challenges of Digital Workplace

Creating a truly digital workplace is a significant challenge, but companies that begin this process today will acquire a clear advantage in productivity, innovation, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction.

With the next generation filling up the jobs, most of them are

Employees today collaborate to a greater degree than they did previously, using new technologies to work in teams, across geographies and in real time.

Yet there are real challenges in designing the digital workplace of the future. Many organizations invest in productivity technology but do not sufficiently integrate it with their business applications.

When you decide to invest in a Digital Workplace, keep these pointers in mind and you will have an Intranet that your employees will love, and better use it effectively.

Sibin Leo

Written by Sibin Leo

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