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Benefits of having a Digital Workplace in your office

Digital workplace is not just about saying bye to conventional stationary products like pen, pencil, paper, etc. It is much more than that, and let us discuss those in a while. Initially getting adapted will be a huge struggle for employees, but once they are used to it they will enjoy a productive work life.

A Digital Workplace would help employees to improve our knowledge through sharing. Probably it will also help build healthy relationship with our colleagues and our business partners.

Comparison with Paperwork:

No wonder, Computers can always outsmart paper based processes. Paper based forms can be maintained, but there are lots of disadvantages. Paper based process would take lot of space, needs whole manual intervention in maintaining, checking etc. No smart reminders and so on. Whereas a Digital Process would not have any of those drawbacks and is a much smarter solution.

Notification: We can create teams and ping them through a message which is not possible using paper.

Workplace:  If the assigned work is not completed on time we can even carry the laptops to our home for work but carrying big records are not possible.

Learning:  Using computers and laptops it would take less than a second to gain knowledge were as in offline it will be hours of reading.

Productivity with Digital Transformation:

Vision: Goals should be matching with business and digital transformation. To get more productivity employees have to move closely with stockholders, including HR, business, etc.

Strategy: Once the overall idea is discussed, clear roadmap should be sketched for the effective productivity across HR, Marketing, Customer support, etc.

Metrics:  Digital change will help us to draw clear view of all ups and downs which are important while analysis.

Organizational change: Digital workplace has brought the internal organizational changes like skills, incentives, culture and behaviors.

Technology: Employee should be open enough to absorb the knowledge from other which will be both self and organizational growth.

Knowledge growth and Profitability:

There shouldn’t be any knowledge gap for the growth. Because of which organizations started to conduct training for the candidates at the initial stage for the betterment. With the gained knowledge candidate can implement those learnings in the project.

The companies that train their employees have produced productivity results. Digital sessions offer employees to access the training anywhere, anytime on tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

Employees Engagement:

Employee should have the ability to understand the task assigned to them, how to contribute to the project and so on. Workers are no longer spending their carrier in the same job and it is very important to keep them engaged.

Mobility and Digital workplace:

The Enterprise will provide record about deep objective analytic of the mobile enterprise market. Based on the recent development in the business the report may change.

Forecast: it will provide current estimation and future projection of the product for the productive results.

Survey: it will cover the strategy decisions and workplace technologies. It is conducted twice a year.

Sharing: The data can be shared easily using mobile phones.

Mobility of the workplace opens up avenues which will minimize downtime and helps maximize employee efficiency.

If you are still skeptical about the benefits that a Digital Workplace offers, read our 5 Reasons why you should invest in Digital Workplace.

Even through Intranet has gone global, not every organization have gone for a Digital Workplace. Organizations will have to reskill their employees and IT strategy to stay relevant. And with all the benefits a Digital Workplace offers there is no reason you should wait. Here is an interesting article on the future of Digital Workplaces if you would like to go through.

Join the digital revolution and embrace a Digital Workplace that suits your needs. If you need any help or have any queries, you can reach us.

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Written by Packiaraj Santhiyagu

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