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The New Digital Workplaces Hubfly is unveiling

Digital Workplace is a means of taking the conventional Intranet to the next level. A web portal that represents a further development of the Intranet. Though Intranet is quite popular for over a decade, Digital Workplaces are getting popular recently. They are central digital work platforms that provides information, tools and services for the modern workplaces.

 Hubfly - Digital Workplace in a box

Hubfly Digital Workplaces are built on top of Microsoft SharePoint, which is the most popular Intranet tool by all means. There are few companies who deliver Digital Intranet solutions, but Hubfly Digital Workplace is unique in the sense that it brings you a whole bunch of business productivity apps and easy to use widgets, choice of customizable themes, drag & drop designer features all with a stunning UI and a seamless UX that leaves you with an enthralling experience.

SharePoint Intranet Software

The 3 C’s - Communication, Collaboration & Content

Any Digital Workplace is aimed to improve Workplace Communication (email, Messaging), Collaboration in Work (Conferencing, Shared Databases) and better Content Management. Working in silos is the practice of the past. It is no more a trend. A modern workplace requires working as a team, to move towards the organization goals. There should be tools to support Communication, Collaboration & Content Management.


Workspace Communication
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Before deploying a new Digital Workplace Solution, ask yourself how far it supports these 3 C’s. An effective Digital Workplace should offer everything. Hubfly Digital Workplace provides every tool required for Communication, Collaboration and Content Management, all with a modern interface.You also have the ability to integrate rich content. Never looks like the traditional, ‘old-fashioned’ SharePoint.

Does it allow Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device access?

The next thing you have to ensure about your Digital Workplace is that if it supports Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device access If not, you can’t claim that a truly Digital Workplace. If your Digital Workplace doesn’t allow you to work irrespective of time, location and device the objective of moving to a Digital Workplace itself is gone. How can you call yourself being in a Digital Workplace?


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Hubfly Digital Intranet is an Intranet on steroids, a Digital Workplace in its truest sense. With support for native Mobile App, you could do everything with your mobile device or tablet as you would do with on the web portal.

The power of Business Apps and Widgets

Here comes the most exciting part. Okay, just think of this. You have an emergency and would like to request a leave. What will you do? Probably, you have an app or tool that handles Absence Management. You go off your Intranet (Digital Workplace) and login to that application and apply for a leave.

But the power of our business apps allows you to apply for leave all within your SharePoint dashboard. No need to login to multiple portals for performing different tasks. The same applies for filling up your Timesheet, raising a Service Request, or Managing your Assets etc. Because we have developed line of business apps on top of SharePoint that easily manages your day to day work life activities without hassle.

Why should you choose Hubfly Digital Workplaces?

Hubfly offers a Digital Intranet in a box. That means if you deploy our Digital Workplace in your office you never have to worry about anything. Even the deployment is done in a matter of minutes with a simple 3 step wizard. You just have to finish the deployment, add content and just Go Live! With a sleek and stunning interface, and power packed features with our Business Apps you transform the way you work forever. Overall, Hubfly Digital Workplace offers you

  • Deployment in a matter of minutes
  • Readymade Intranet (You don’t have to build anything)
  • Just add your content & Go Live!
  • Line of ready-made business productivity apps
  • Easy to use Widgets
  • Choice of different themes to match your branding
  • …and much more

We offer you a free trial so you can play around and see if it is the right fit. A no-obligation trial. Hubfly Digital Workplace can help your company benefit from the cost savings, productivity and employee satisfaction that remote work can afford. So, what are you waiting for?

Tamilarasan Kulandaisamy

Written by Tamilarasan Kulandaisamy

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