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The ultimate cheat sheet for a successful Digital Workplace

Organizations have embraced digital big time to enable their employees to engage, collaborate and improve productivity. While the earlier versions of Digital workplace were defined and relied on technology specific systems, there is a huge shift in the trend now. Organizations started looking at the Digital workplace as a knowledge sharing and collaborative platform & technology as just an enabler.  

A successful digital workplace is nothing but a system where you can find needed information at the right time, improves employee engagement and thereby increasing overall productivity. Though it can involve multiple systems, it must be built putting people first and finding information at ease.  

Any digital workplace is all about Content, Content & Content. The success of any system relies heavily on how the information is managed, retrieved & delivered to the users. This can be classified in to three broad spectra. 

Managing Content 

Content/data in any digital workplace may reside in multiple systems and in multiple variants. It is vital to ensure these data are organized in a meaningful, unified & displayable manner. The content management strategy plays a major role in how well your information is stored and retrieved. Content needs context to improve search efficacy & to be delivered better to the end user.  Features like tagging, metadata association would help easily deliver & target content to users. 

Integrated Content 

When we say a digital workplace is a combination of multiple systems, making all the information in a single unified experience makes sense. This ensures users don’t waste time searching for right content and logging in to multiple systems. For example, in the context of Office 365, a user’s project document may reside in his/her mailbox, a SharePoint site or even in their one drive folder. Bring all those documents together at one place would make more sense to the user.  

Contextual Content 

While traditional ways of delivering contents like navigation's & search helps the user to find the right information, what makes the system better is contextual data. It adds an all new experience when the system can understand the context the user is in and displays relevant content and its right up there for their access. All the social media advertising works this way & this is the new trend in the digital workplace where instead of the user searching and finding the information, the system knows what user wants and delivers them right away.  

To sum up, your digital workplace should work as a launchpad while it can bring up information from every other system in the organization. While doing so, if you the system can understand the context of the user and deliver relevant information, it sure increases the employee engagement & productivity within your organization.  

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Chanakya Jayabalan

Written by Chanakya Jayabalan

Chanakya holds an MS from BITS, Pilani has over a decade of experience in Microsoft digital platforms both on-premises & on cloud, helping customers in the journey to make their digital transformation possible. His work involves architecting enterprise scale digital platforms & integrations by making right technology choices & solutions.