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How to find out what a digital workplace means to your business?

The term digital workplace is certainly not new and was prominent in the early 2000's but lost its way for a decade before starting to make its way up again. Google search trends clearly shows this.

Digital workplace
Recently a lot of marketing teams have started using this term and since early 2016 the term has really picked up.

So, what is a a digital workplace? In simple terms, A digital workplace is an organisation which has software tools to allow employees to stay connected to their work environment irrespective of their physical location.

Clearly the above could mean different things to different businesses. Recently, business owners are told that if you don't adapt, you will be left behind and that they need to go digital but what tools would define whether your business is "digital ready" cannot be defined and would vary hugely from industry to industry.

SharePoint Intranet Software

So the management team of each business needs to think about how they can make their business ready for the future, some of the questions they need to ask themselves are:

What are the current tasks which requires a lot of manual work and as such has inconsistent results?

What are the key parameters/data that need to be made available for key resources to enable them to perform consistently?

Are there any processes which are individual dependant? If that resource leaves, will someone else be able to take that job and run with it?

What tasks or roles does not require a 9 to 5 presence and how can you support those employees to work remotely/at their timings without loosing efficiency?

Explore areas where you can gather more data from your businesses processes that can then be fed into analytical tools to gather insights into your business that you do not have currently

Are your employees engaged? Sharing information among employees is key and takes everyone along on the journey. Collaboration tools like document management systems in the Intranet are essential to share and collaborate on documents. Do you have an effective communication and collaboration portal (an Intranet)?

So above is some food for thought on getting started on preparing the workplace to be ready for the employees of today. Clearly a digital workplace means different things for different business and is something that you cannot buy in a day but rather it is a continuous process as with technology improvements, businesses need to keep questioning themselves on how they can improve their business in the world of softwares.

Suprej Venkat

Written by Suprej Venkat

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