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A Deep Dive into Meetings in Microsoft Teams

Since Meetings is quite a huge topic to cover in a single stretch, in the previous blog, there were details in scheduling meetings: the essentials so to speak. In this blog, you will be able to find ample information about joining meetings through Teams.

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Join a Meeting

Joining meetings can be done by clicking MeetingsInserting image... on the left side of the app. You will see a list of all your meetings for the week. Find the meeting you want, and then click Join.

Share Screen 

During virtual meetings, there will be a need to share some data from your end or your peers end. Desktop sharing lets you present your screen or the app you’re using during a meeting. Clicking Share Share screen button will allow you to share your screen effortlessly. You can choose to present your entire desktop, a specific app, or a file.

Meeting Notes 

Click on the Meeting NotesMeeting notes button in the upper right corner of the meeting window. Click on Take Notes to take down what is happening during the meeting. Important information, action points can be easily jotted down into points by making use of Meeting Notes without having to reach for your Diary.

Invite Members 

Once the meeting starts, you feel like you have not invited a few members, click on Add people  icon to invite left out members. Type the name of new participants and select the required person’s name. 

Chat during Meetings 

If there is any need for you to converse with a particular person in the meeting, you can always make use of the ConversationChat button icon. 

Audio Call 

Any call will initially have its Audio muted. For the people in the meeting to hear you, you must unmute the audio. You can mute and unmute the audio by clicking on the icon 

Video Call 

Any meetings can be either Audio only or Audio and Video meetings. By default, the camera will be turned on. If you just want to have an Audio meeting, you can click on the Turn camera off Video call button.

Background Blur 

During a video call, if you are not pleased with the unwanted movements in the background, that can be erased by clicking More options More options button > Blur my background. 

Record Meeting 

If one of the persons whom you expected to join the meeting could not join the meeting due to an unavoidable situation, the meetings can be recorded and sent to the desired person. Even if you want to save a copy of the discussion that happened during the meeting, meeting can be recorded. Do to so, click More options More options button> Start recording. 

With this we come to the end of another blog which spoke about some features which make life easier at the office. We will return with a piece on file sharing.

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