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A Quick Look at Activities in Microsoft Teams

We will be looking at the Activity feeds of MS Teams in today’s article in detail.  

Before we get on with this article, it is recommended that you have a quick glance at the ones below so as to have continuity:

An Introduction to Microsoft Teams

A Quick Look at Navigating Options in Teams

As already discussed in the previous article, Activity Feed is a page where activities across all the Teams, Channels and Chats that you are a part of unfold. If anyone so much as even mentions you in any Team conversation, that will be displayed under Activities. 

Desktop, Android and iPhone users can also make use of Filterto show only certain types of messages such as unread messages, @mentions, replies, and likes. This feature is not applicable for Windows phone users unfortunately. Against the Activity icon, if a red circle is visible with numbers in it like so , it means that many notifications are pending for you to view.

Desktop users also have another simple hack to check their notifications: 

 Type/unread to see your unread channel notifications. 
Type/mentions to see all your @mentions. 

Intranet as service

Activity feed symbols 

There are certain unique icons that Microsoft has come up with that you need to know which will help you to communicate more efficiently. 

        @mentions of you specifically.

        @team mentions for teams you’re on. 

        @channel mentions in teams you’re on 

        Replies to your posts. 

        Posts you liked. 

        You were added to a team. 

        You were made a team owner. 

Common Horizontal Menu Options 



This is the content area where all your discussions and related converations are summed up. This is a one stretch facility which helps you in figuring out any information that is necessary for you. Members can collaborate over it and also like certain conversations.  


All the files you all the documents that have been created or edited recently within your favourite channels. You can also Upload and Create new files under this section. 


Creating and sharing notes quickly at the channel level is made like a child’s play with the help of this tab. Mentioning team members is also achievable. 


Next to Wiki Is a + icon. By clicking it, multiple tabs can be added which allows you to display rich interactive web content. You can build a Microsoft Teams Tab from scratch or adapt your existing web-app experience. 

Tabs is a vast area to cover in the beginning stages. We are planning to do a couple of separate blogs solely on Tabs for better understanding purpose. 

We will be learning more about the Chat module in the upcoming article. 

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