A Quick Look at Navigating Options in Teams

This article shares information about the navigation options available in Microsoft Teams. We’ll be discussing the following topics: 

1. Navigating to a View 

  •  Activity
  •  Chat
  •  Teams
  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Files 

2. Navigating Inside a View 

  •  List Pane
  •  Content Area 

1. Navigating to a View 


Activity feed is every users Mail box where he can view all the activities across any of the teams that he is a part of. He will have visibility over all the Mentions, Replies, Teams he has been added to. 

To go to the Activity view, press Ctrl+1. The screen reader announces: Feed menu. The focus is on the listing option menu in the list pane. 


This is the pinch hitter for Skype for Business, it allows you to have private chats outside of your Teams with your colleagues. More than one person can be added to a chat, and options for video and voice calling are both available. 

To go to the Chat view, press Ctrl+2. The screen reader announces: Chat list. The focus is in the list of recent chats in the list pane. 


Teams section discloses all the groups to which he is added or has access. Channels are subdivisions to groups. Members can collaborate and share among one another and benefit from it. 

To go to the Teams, view after login, press Ctrl+3. The screen reader announces: “Teams and channels list.” The focus is in the Favourites section in the list pane. 

Intranet as service


Virtual meeting feature including audio, video and sharing features. Being an online facility, it is highly cost effective and solves the most crucial aspect for any business to come together with colleagues and clients both inside and outside of your organization.

To go to the Meetings view, press Ctrl+4. The screen reader announces: “Meetings list.” The focus is on the Today section in the list pane.


This option permits one-on-one or group calls with anyone in your organization directly from a chat without having to host a team meeting. These calls are private and won’t appear in any team conversation, but your call history will appear in your personal chat alone. 

To go to the Calls view, press Ctrl+5. You hear: “Calls list.” 


Collaboration being the ultimate motive behind Microsoft Teams, files will be sent back and forth among employees. Files that are shared in a private or group chat are stored only in your OneDrive for Business folder and are the people in that conversation. Creating Word, Excel, PowerPoint files is also possible. 

To go to the Files view, do one of the following: 

→ If you have the Calls feature, press Ctrl+6. 
→ If you don’t have the Calls feature, press Ctrl+5. 


Making use of the App Store, you can custom build apps according to your needs and publish it to other users for them to utilize it. 


This section teaches about teams by hand holding and walking you through each module that is available on Teams. They also help in trouble shooting and comes along with a few FAQs.  

2. Navigating Inside a View 

Each view will have a List pane and a Content Area. When you select a view, the focus moves to either the list pane or  the content pane. To navigate between the list and content panes, press the Tab key, Ctrl+Tab, or Ctrl+F6. 

 List  Pane

This is present immediately to the right of the View Pane. Once you select the view, relevant data is displayed in this pane. For example, if you select Teams view, list of all the teams and channels that you are a part of is displayed.

Use Up and Down arrows to navigate along the List Pane. Content Area

 Content Area

This is present immediately to the right of List Pane. Once you browse and select an item from List pane, detailed information of the selected item is displayed in this Content Area. For example, if you select Teams view from the View Pane and a Team from the List Pane, Content Area will show all the conversation and collaboration happening in that selected Team. 

To navigate inside a content pane, press the Tab key, or the Up or Down arrow key.

In the upcoming blogs we will look at each feature covered in this blog.

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