3 Ways you can Enhance Employee Engagement at work

There is working and there is being productive. What is the difference? Glad you asked! Let us unfold this in a riddle: it comes down to the moment where he goes down on one knee and proposes with that 22-carat stone. Let us now see the English translation of that answer: In (a certainly roundabout way) other words, it depends on how engaged your employees are. In most cases, badly enough, the folks seem to be disengaged at work. The disengagement issues boil down to 3 reasons:

1. Address the emotional issues of employees

The general workplace myth is that sharing any emotion at the workplace is booed upon. And folks are well aware of that. No matter how many HR sessions scream. You are free to share your issues and get counselled they will observe the obstinate attitude of Tony Sopranos (of the Sopranos fame). This means that there should be some mechanism which gauges the mood of the employees every day or every week on a designated evening.

If the firm had an Intranet which could customize this option to check on the emotional state of the folks, nothing like it! A simple, Hey John, rate your day from 1 to 5 will suffice. Once you gather this data over a significant period, you can draw a pattern and understand which employees are having emotional issues and figure out how to bring them back to the stream of happy contributors.

2.Conduct Short, Focused Employee Engagement Surveys

When you suggest the idea of Surveys for better employee engagement, the HR goes, Oh no, not this again! However, what they don’t understand is that there is nothing a focused survey cannot find out. Our suggestion is that you keep it short as well. And if this survey/poll is part of your Intranet, it gets the maximum participation.

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3-Invest in an Effective Intranet

The difference between Intranets and relevant Intranets is not money. It is the two extra days the deciding authority took to scour the options and arrive at something that is a good fit for the firm. You can consider Hubfly especially if you are a small to medium business. That does not mean that we only pertain to small to medium business. If you are a large firm and you fancy us, we would definitely make it worth your time. A good intranet that ensures effective employee engagement has to have the following 2 features:

Gamification that can be made a reward system
Hubfly Gamification

The profile of every user can be gamified letting the peers as well as the management know how much the person has collaborated with his fellow mates. There could be a scoring system which can be a reward system if you will. Every month or every quarter, the most engaged employee could be given a reward, monetary or otherwise. After all, there is no substitute for incentive.

 Making every employee feel heard

It is important for every employee to feel heard at the workplace. Only then will the employee feel part of the workforce. Only if there is a sense of belonging will there be productivity. For this to happen, an Intranet should have a Department wise discussion panels enabled and it should have a portal to gather all the ideas. Hubfly’s Intranet has the Communities and Ideas features for this purpose.

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