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Upcoming SharePoint events you can't afford to miss

SharePoint is the de-facto standard for Intranets and more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies already run on SharePoint. Microsoft is adding to the user base every day. With that pace, SharePoint is getting embraced by even smaller organizations.

Microsoft and other technology partners are promoting technology events specially focusing on SharePoint across the globe. In today’s post, let us have a quick look at some of the most interesting events that are upcoming.

Upcoming SharePoint Events

1. Digital Workspace Conference

    Name of the event: Digital Workspace Conference

    Date: 15th Feb 2018

    Location: Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands

    Eligibility: Communication professional, Intranet Manager and IT professional.

    About: It was a drastic change in workplace due to digital resolution. Digital workplace is considered as success only if it is being used. Knowledge sharing could be through Slack, Microsoft teams and Facebook. Social intranet is also being constantly changing the world. It used to ensure that employees are using the appropriate tools in the right way.

    Check out link for more Info: https://www.frankwatching.com/digitalworkspace

2. Intra Team Conference

     Name of the Event: Intra Team Conference

    Date: 28th Feb- 1st March 2018

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Eligibility: Communication professionals, Intranet Managers and IT professionals.

    About: This Conference brings together the most respected professionals within the fields of intranet, digital workplace, and share point. Opportunity is being created to get close with sharing a multitude of intranet insights.

    Check Agenda for Details:  http://event.intrateam.com/

3. Collaboration Summit

    Name of the Event: North American & European Collaboration Summit

    Date and Location: 1) 2nd-3rd Mar 2018 at Branson, MO (North American Collaboration Summit)

                                    2) 28th-30th May 2018 at Mainz, Germany (European Collaboration Summit)

    Eligibility: Communication professionals, Intranet Managers, Business Leaders and IT professionals.

    About: collaboration summit will enrich your knowledge with digital transformation which is rapidly changing the world. Can develop our networking with developers, decision makers, speakers, and so on, there wont be any other better place to develop our-self and organization.

    Check for event details:

4. Intra.Net Reloaded

    Name of the Event: Intra.Net Reloaded

    Date and Location: 1) 18th-20th April 2018 at Berlin, Germany

                                    2) 22nd-24th April 2018 at Boston

                                    3) 25th-27th Nov 2018 at London

    Eligibility: Communication professionals, Intranet Managers, Business Leaders and IT professionals.

SharePoint Intranet Software

    About: The Event focused on intranets, enterprise communication and Digital workplace with more than 350 decision makers from IT, Internal communication and business departments from different international organization. In a nutshell the take away will be knowledge, tips and hints with own definition for strategy.

    Check for event details:

5. SharePoint Conference North America

    Name of the Event:  SharePoint Conference North America

    Date: 21st-23rd May 2018.

    Location: MGM Grand Las Vegas, NV USA.

    Eligibility: Communication professionals, Intranet Managers and IT professionals.

    About: Focus will be on Microsoft’s Enterprise Technology including 365, share point, one drive with the Latest Updates from Microsoft like session, workshops etc.

    Check the link: https://sharepointna.com

6. Intranet 2018 Conference

    Name of the Events: Steps two Design’s Intranet 2018 Conference.

    Date: 6th-8th June 2018

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Eligibility: Communication professionals, Intranet Managers, Business Leaders and IT professionals.

    About: Impressive List of speakers covering a wide selection of topics. Under a Single roof this conference brings together intranet teams, digital teams, internal communication, IT and HR.

    Check the Link: http://www.steptwo.com.au/conference/

7. Digital Workplace Experience Conference

    Name of the Event: Digital Workplace Experience Conference

    Date: 18th-20th June 2018

    Location: Chicago,IL.

    Eligibility:  Communication professionals, Intranet Managers, Business Leaders and IT professionals.

    About: This Conference will help to learn about collaboration, communication and shares a host. Employees will get a chance to deep dive with expert’s technical speakers which will enhance the skills sets in share point and office 365.

    Check for Details: https://www.dwexperience.com/2018/

8. Digital Workplace Conference Australia

    Name of the Event: Digital Workplace Conference

    Date: 15th- 16th Aug 2018

    Location: Melbourne, Australia.

    Eligibility:  Communication professionals, Intranet Managers, Business Leaders and IT professionals.

    About: This Conference bring face to face engagement with world's most digital workplace. Tracks have designed based on the Employees Experience, leadership, strategy and culture. This event promise to solve our biggest digital workplace challenges in real time with leadership skills.

    Check for Details: http://www.dwcau.com.au/

9. Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

    Name of the Events: Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

    Date: 24th-25th sep 2018

    Location: London, UK

    Eligibility: Communication professionals, Intranet Managers, Business Leaders and IT professionals.

    About: This Summit will be only for Business magnets those who are ready to convert their business completely digitalized. It will cover everything from transforming engagement to inspiring innovation and extend it cross the enterprise.

    Check the website: https://www.gartner.com/events/emea/digital-workplace

10.  European SharePoint Conference 2018

   Name of the Event: European SharePoint Conference 2018

    Date: 26th-29th Nov 2018

    Location: Copenhagen, DENMARK

    Eligibility: Communication professionals, Intranet Managers, Business Leaders and IT professionals.

    About: This Leading community provides collaboration and educational resources. They promise to empower you with professional success which will also include 100+ leading leaders.

    Check for details: https://www.sharepointeurope.com

We have covered quite few important events in this blogpost. But however this is not all. You could find more events like these with a simple Google search, if you are interested. We shall also keep posting more upcoming events in a future blog. Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe.

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