Finding and Retaining the best talent in Coimbatore

Some of the technology that we work with at Hubfly is truly cutting edge. We as a company thrive to be ahead of the technology curve which means constantly innovating and staying updated of what’s happening in the technical world.

Obviously, this requires talent who have an appetite to keep reading and being updated. This is one of the key qualities that we look for when recruiting people.

Sometimes though we do require very experienced candidates like a project manager who is well versed with all the PM tools or a SharePoint Architect who has experience running a large green field project. Talent like that in Coimbatore is far and few in between given the greener pastures in places like Chennai and Bangalore. So how do we find these people?

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Even though Coimbatore has one of the highest densities of colleges in India, most of them move out of Coimbatore as part of their placements. They then settle down in places like Chennai and Bangalore and some who even go abroad.

But, after working away from home for more than 10 years, we find that a few of these extremely talented resources want to come back home to Coimbatore to spend more time with their Parents in their older age but they do not usually find the same working environment or salary packages that they are used to outside Coimbatore. These are the candidates that we try to attract.

We try to provide them with an environment that they are used to (and in some cases even more exciting things to do than they are used to), we empower them and let them do what they love right from the comfort of their home city.

We are proud to say that some of the resources that we have hired like this over the past 10 years at companies we have been involved in like Webtek, Slicedbread, Impiger and recently at Hubfly are still with us.

This is how we have an enviable team of some of the best talent in the country working in technologies like SharePoint and going on to build a world class product right from our very own Coimbatore!

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