We are on the eve of the Football World Cup 2018 to be hosted in Russia. At this juncture, the relation between Hubfly’s Intranet and Football needs to be discussed. Come to think of it, they are not so different. Football is a game where 11 folks come together with the singular objective of scoring goals. A company is a place where different folks come together to achieve the goals of the firm. Intranet is the tool to get them together. Thus we have managed to connect Football World Cup 2018 with Hubfly Unified Workplace. Still in the dark? Worry not, we will now walk you through a comparison between Football and Hubfly Intranet.

Changing Formation vs Customizing the dashboard

Football clubdashboarxdCustomize dashboard

Above are three of the most famous formations in football:

4-4-2, 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 (diamond formation).  Likewise your admin can customize your intranet with drag and drop options.

customize your intranet

Now, each formation in the Football World Cup 2018 has a specific use. 4-4-2 is for an all out attack, in the diamond formation the Number 10 person plays a prominent role. Similarly, Hubfly Unified Digital Workplace has features like news, opinions among scores of others. On a said month or week, you could set numbers to various customizations and conduct polls as to which one could be on display that week.


The Golden Boot and Badges

The Golden Boot and Badges

The golden boot will be given to the player scoring the most goals in the Football World Cup 2018. Hubfly holds its own with the feature called Badges , where people are given gold, ruby badges and the like because of their performance in a certain activity.



Simulation vs Gamification

Simulation vs Gamification

Before every game in Football World Cup 2018, there would be analysts working for the teams creating simulation charts and giving a picture of how things might go the next day. Quite similarly Hubfly Intranet has the feature of Gamification, where in simulation helps with tracking the progress of an employee in a certain activity.

Football World Cup Archives vs Documents

Football World cup archives have some of the most exquisite stories in the world of football. The Hand of God goal in the World Cup against England, the goal of the century, Ronaldin goal vs England in another World Cup, you name it, they got it. Likewise, let us say you want to access the Minutes of Meeting which happened on a certain date. The Documents feature certainly gives you access to these and more.


Locker room vs Stories and Ideation


The best Stories are generated in the Locker Room. There is limited inhibitions and hence there is a free flowing of Ideas as well. Anyone can come up with stories and ideas in a set up (like in a football team). That is why these two features take prominence in Hubfly Unified Digital Workplace.




Team Bonding vs Communities

There are team bonding activities that increase rapport in a football field. This builds trust. Communities in an Intranet are just that: a chance to know each others interests and bond. Be it cycling, swimming, yoga or travelling, you might have a new mate around the corner thanks to Hubfly’s Communities.


Game Strategy vs Intelligence

Intelligent Reports in Hubfly’s Intranet are very similar to Game Strategy. Taking the past data and analyzing gives not only the football team but also an organization an idea of how productive and participative the workforce is.


So, when we look at the larger picture there are hardly any differences between a game in Football World Cup 2018 and a day at work with Hubfly’s Unified Digital Workplace. While it is always difficult to experience the former, a demo for Hubfly’s Intranet is just a click away.