Why I co-founded Hubfly the Digital Workplace solution of the future

If you have heard of Microsoft BizTalk server and how it helps automate business processes, most likely you would also have heard of BizTalk 360, and identify me as a founder of BizTalk360, the single platform for server monitoring and analytics.

Despite being a founder of an already successful venture, why did I go to co-found Hubfly that offers Digital Workplace solutions out of the box? Being a person interested in technology I always explore ways how technology could help change the lives of people. This pursuit of technology application in making a positive impact on people’s lifestyle has revealed me that a great opportunity exists in the Digital Workplace Aka Intranet space.

I have known Suprej Venkat, the founder of Hubfly for over a decade, and he is an equally passionate man already having tremendous experience in SharePoint development and consulting. SharePoint though introduced by Microsoft as a Content Management System has evolved over the period of years to a full-blown Intranet. Suprej expertise with SharePoint and the vision we both shared did not allow me to give a second thought and we decided to nail Hubfly in the Digital Workplace space.

SharePoint Intranet Software

Though SharePoint is the undisputed leader in this space, it had a problem. SharePoint comes with all robust features to power an Intranet for organization of any size. No doubt about that. But the user interface has not evolved much and still looks sluggish. Secondly, there were limitations in customizing SharePoint for an organization. Either you wish to match your organizational branding to your Intranet or need a complete suite of apps all in a unified dashboard, SharePoint out-of-the-box doesn’t have an answer.

Suprej and I decided to offer a solution for these SharePoint problems and that’s how Hubfly is born. Now, we have built Hubfly with lots of incredible features that not many of our competitors offer. A gorgeous UI you can’t even believe it is built on top of SharePoint! A suite of business productivity apps all in a single dashboard offering you a unified experience. Our product can be deployed in a matter of hours, the fastest ever deployment of an Intranet.

We have tested the waters with the initial set of customers implementing our solutions across few educational institutions, industries etc. and they are already witnessing the benefits of a Digital Workplace.

The Digital Workplace niche is growing at a tremendous pace and we see a lot of untapped potentials left out. We are taking up measures to partner with Microsoft and looking ways to offer our solution to a wider community. We already got some rave reviews for our product at the Microsoft Inspire 2017 event that we participated in Washinton. While thanking everybody who took the time to review our product, I invite you to check a free trial of Hufbly available at and let us know what you feel.

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