How to add SharePoint lookbook template in your Office 365 tenant

What is SharePoint Lookbook? 

SharePoint lookbook is an online site where you can find various attractive templates which you download ad provision into your SharePoint site.  

What advantage in using SharePoint Lookbook? 

As we see above you get the pre-defined templates which you can pick up based on your business requirement. It is all out-of-the-box, you no need to spend months of time in re-building the page.  

The only action point for you is to add the relevant data and images which you want to deliver to your users. 

How to install SharePoint lookbook template in your site? 

  • Simply go the link SharePoint Lookbook or go to Google and browse for SharePoint Look book. The first link you will see will take you to the page what we are discussing here. 
  • Click on the See Examples button and you will be redirected to the template page. 
  • There are various categories of templates. You can select any from the available options. 
  • Here you can also find what features are used in the template; what webparts are used and what are the contents added by default. 
  • You can add the template directly to your SharePoint just by clicking Add to your tenant. 
  • You will be redirected to the below page. Enter the site and user account details then click on Provision
  • It will validate the requirements that is needed to provision to your site. 
  • You will see the summary of what changes will be deployed in your site. Now click on Confirm. 
  • Now you can click on the link given and it will redirect you to your SharePoint site which is ready with the template you have chosen.  
  • You can also create your own site by referring to the templates in the site or by downloading the SharePoint lookbook pdf 

We have Successfully provisioned the SharePoint Lookbook template into your tenant. I hope this article was helpful, please give your feedbacks in the comment section. 

Thanks for Reading. Stay Safe!

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