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How to plan customizations for your SharePoint Modern Experiences

SharePoint, a great tool to ensure team collaboration and communication. We all know this, but apart from that it can also be used in different ways.  It can act as

  • your intranet site,  
  • a platform to automate your business process through flows/lists 
  • your central location to store your business data securely 
  • a productivity tool like a task management tool  or your time management tool 

SharePoint will be your single platform for all your business process. When business involves, customizations will be required to meet the business requirements.  

Here we are going to discuss how we can plan to customize modern SharePoint  

What are all the key Out of The Box customizations in SharePoint? 

Custom Branding in Modern SharePoint 

Modern SharePoint allows you to customize your branding to each site as below,  

  • Changing the theme 
  • Adjusting top navigation 
  • Updating the logos 
  • Implementing footer 

All these key SharePoint site branding components can be found under your settings as below, 

Customizing Modern SharePoint Site Navigation 

Navigation of any site helps users to redirect to the relevant pages quickly. Maintaining the multilevel menus in navigation sections enables you to define the path to go to any page. 

One other beauty is, out of the box navigation lets you to target the audiences for each navigation elements. It helps to display specific navigation menus only to specific users. 

Do I need to be a developer to implement all this strategy?  

Not at all, Modern SharePoint navigation header allows you to manage the navigation elements right from the page wherever you are. Below is a screen shot for your reference to get it done. 

Customizing Modern SharePoint Site Theme 

Applying custom theme in SharePoint Online sites to support the branding of an organization is a much-needed feature. By Default, Modern SharePoint provides multiple theme colour options. But you might have your own branding theme colour for your organizations, it can be implemented with few scripting actions.  

Check out our blog on how to add Custom Theme in SharePoint using PowerShell where you will get detailed information on this. 

Customizing Modern SharePoint Pages 

Webparts are the building blocks of SharePoint pages from the beginning. We would be able to add Out Of the box webparts or custom webparts to build our SharePoint Page.  

SharePoint online modern page experience gives more flexibility on this by enabling page customizations in multiple section of the page. For example,  

  • You have options to choose different page title layouts. 
  • You would be able to define sections within page. 

Custom Workflow Mechanism 

PowerAutomate is the Microsoft recommended approach to customize your approval workflows and to automate any process in the background like implementing triggers or custom alerts. 

It can be beneficial in many circumstances like Approving a SharePoint page content, approving a budget when an item is created in a list. 

Customize SharePoint List Forms 

Power Platform which enables many uncovered customizations within SharePoint, in that customizing the SharePoint List form to create/edit the list items is supported using Power Apps as a tool. Where you can do it right away from the browser 


I hope this article helps you to get understand the different ways you can follow to customize your SharePoint site to implement your business requirements. If you have any questions/issues about this article, please let me know in comments.

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