To apply leaves, are you still spending your time by emailing your Manager, HR about your holidays? This is going to eat your time by atleast 30 minutes? Can we get more productive, with a streamlined Leave Management process, huh? Hubfly has an app for Holiday Request, which will save your time drastically. It would take less than a minute or so to raise a Holiday Request.

Hubfly Holiday Request

Let’s starts with features and functionalities. An app or a tool for Holiday request is required as that will eliminate the need to maintain records of everyone’s absence. Especially when you have 100+ employees on board, tracking leaves via emails would get clumsy. Hubfly SharePoint Holiday Request is one of the Leave Management apps that will be a perfect match for your organization’s needs. But, before deciding, let us explore.

Here is a snapshot of the App’s Main menu.

Holiday request main menu.png


Dashboard consists of balance leave, upcoming holidays refer the figure displayed below

Holiday request dashboard.png

Click Apply for leave after which dialog box will be displayed where you give proper title and proceed with dates.

Select leave type. It may either casual, sick or sports leave then click apply now.

Holiday request dialog box.png

After submission it will get displayed in my request which figured belowHoliday request my request.png

Status can be checked easily in My Request, either pending or approval. You don’t have to keep watching your emails and track them. You have everything made available here.

Here comes leave approval, this option will only be applicable for admins (i.e) Manager, Team leader, HR who are mapped as next reporting level in an employee’s profile.

Holiday request leave request.png

Week Off:

By using this option, we will be able to check if there are any holidays during weekdays. Holidays that are applicable only for a specific location can also be viewed.

Holiday request week off.png


Common holidays can be checked using this option.

Admins can add the common holidays using Add Holidays option.

Holiday request holiday.png

Leave Policy:

Finally comes Leave policy of the organization.

Holiday request policy.png

Here you would be able to see the option Add New Leave Policy using which new policy can be added based on the organizational updates.

This Hubfly Holiday Request app built on SharePoint with a neat UI, streamlines the Absence Management process, while leveraging the productivity and saving employees time. To avail a free trial of the Holiday Request app, please contact us.