An engaged workforce is half the job done. If the employees do not feel part of the game, the battle is uphill all the way.

In addition to keeping employees informed about the happenings in an organization, encouraging employees to think as internally focused entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs provides a sense of accomplishment for the employee which in turns drives engagement and ownership.

More often than not, employees are not given the opportunity to contribute to things outside their day to day jobs. They might have great ideas in areas which they are close to but there would not be an avenue to express those ideas or even worse their ideas might not be seen through to implementation.

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This is where an ideation management system is critical.

An ideation management system would allow two things:

1.  The company can post a challenge and all employees who have ideas on solving the challenge can post their views. Other employees can come and upvote the ideas. If an idea is selected, the implementation of the idea can be traced through the life cycle and the employee can be suitably rewarded

2.  Employees who are closer to the on the ground reality might see things that the company could improve on which the management wouldn’t necessarily see. With an ideation management system, this would allow the employee to post his idea and get visibility for his contribution across the organization.

A sneak peek into Hubfly Ideation Management

You have a lot of 3rd party Ideation management apps available in the market. But none of the apps we reviewed had everything that is expected out of an Ideation management system. So, we went ahead to build our own Ideation Management app that will come bundled with Hubfly Digital workplace, our SharePoint based Intranet solution.

Hubfly Intranet - Ideation dashboard

The Ideation Management dashboard view shows interesting insights in an interactive graphical representation. Total ideas submitted, comments received, categories etc. and a quick Submit Idea button from where you can submit new ideas. We have put in a lot of time and efforts in offering the end user a great user experience. And the beta testers already gave us some raving reviews.

Hubfly Intranet - challenges

Here is our Challenges screen of the Ideation Management app. As you can see, the organization can post the Challenges, a team or a group is facing. Those challenges, if solved could contribute to more efficiency and show an increase in productivity. Every employee would be able to post a solution, to the challenge. Other employees participate by voting the best ideas and in no time, you get a solution upon which you could work on. In addition to that think of the engagement happening?

Hubfly Intranet - ideas

In the Ideas tab in the left nav bar, you could see the best ideas by rating. You could even filter ideas using specific keywords

If you would like to experiment Hubfly Ideation Management app for Free, we shall arrange for a free trial. You will only be amazed. Also, don’t forget to let us know your feedback, suggestions. We would be happy to hear from you.

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