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SharePoint already has a Document Management System (DMS) using SharePoint Document libraries. But dumping all organization documents/files into one SharePoint Document library is not a good idea. You should have options to neatly segregate files that can be easily retrieved with simple filters and search options. Hubfly Document Manager exactly does the job.

With Hubfly Document Manager, you get a neat UI with a tabbed interface for easy lookup of My Documents, Related Documents and Company Wide documents. The engine behind filters the files from Office 365 and shows them up in a sleek categorized view. File search couldn’t be any simpler.

Especially, when you consider terabytes of data available in your organization it becomes really hard to search and pull your archive files. If we are to effectively use the below SharePoint Document library features, the management of documents becomes much easy and also helps in easy retravel during document search.

 Tag the documents making use of SharePoint Metadata
 Categorize different types of documents using SharePoint Content Types
 Use Metadata Navigation so users easily find required documents


Hubfly Document Manager                                    Figure 1: Hubfly Document Manager

Hubfly Document Manager Search Filter

Though we have a tabbed interface that lists out yourdocuments, related team documents and companywide documents, the search filter comes in handy to pull the files you need on the go. You could filter by file type, file name or modified date and easily fetch the files you need.


Document Search by file type                                                  Figure 2: Search by File Type

 We are bringing in more features to search by author, metadata, file content etc. However, the current search filter feature does the job as expected.

Why Hubfly Document Manager?

As we said, SharePoint comes with Document Management System features. If you have a SharePoint Development expertise, you could implement Document Management System in SharePoint using Content Types. But then, the default DMS has some limitations and the UI is not that great. Even if you are willing to compromise on that, not every vendor will have the expertise to do so.

We developed Hubfly Document Managerto fill that gap and make your search experience better. Hubfly Digital Workplace comes bundled with Document Manager in addition to the other Business Apps & Workflows. You have a no obligation free trial and if you would like to experiment our Document Manager features (and others), you could always request a free trial here.

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