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Every organization small or big, are looking for technology that can help them streamline their employee’s service request process.Your employees not only become more productive, you have significant business benefits too as an organization.Service request could also help with cost management, and attribute to employee satisfaction.A well-developed Service Request app could eliminate all phone calls by offering a self-service portal for employees.Okay enough of the benefits, let us go for a walkthrough of what Hubfly Service Request app offers.

A sneak-peak of Hubfly Service Request :

Yes, Hubfly Digital Workplace offers line of business apps, carefully designed to help leverage employee’s productivity. We not only have Service Request, but other business apps like Asset Management, Timesheet, Meeting Room Booking, Leave Request etc. We even have Workflow automation as part of our Digital Workplace.  But in this post let us have a close look of the Service Request App. 

When you have Hubfly Digital Workplace, you have all our business apps as part of the Intranet. Below is how the landing page of Service Request looks like. (beta version). On the left navbar you have quick access to the often-used tools. On the right, we have a list of submitted service requests showing up. This home screen itself is enough to check the overall status of the requests you have raised. 

Service Request.png

Raising a New Service Request

Click on the Create a Request button to invoke the request form which will look like the one shown below. The for is quite self-explanatory where you choose the type of request, category, sub-category etc.

Create Service Request.png

Once you raise a request successfully, you will receive the following message with a ticket #, which will be available in your dashboard too.


In case you would like to EDIT or DELETE a request you have raised for any reasons,

Create Request.png

we have covered that too. Just click on the hamburger style menu that has 3 dots to invoke the sub-menu for Request Edit or Delete. And once the operation is successful, you get a confirmation message similar to the one you saw above.

Hubfly Service Request app would replace your Employee Self Service portal and eliminate the need to login into multiple portals for performing different actions. If you have Office 365, and when you deploy Hubfly Digital Workplace you get all this suite of business productivity apps for free. This could transform the way your business operates. Moreover, employees would find these set of tools helpful and easy to access in a unified environment.

If that interests you, we have a no obligation free trial where you can test our apps and the Digital Workplace we offer. We are sure that will keep you excited.

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