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12 Hubfly Business Productivity Apps that will enrich your SharePoint experience

With the release of Microsoft SharePoint Intranet 2016, corporate intranets have now become more robust and feature rich. Microsoft provides on-premises infrastructure, cloud-inspired infrastructure and a hybrid-infrastructure which is a blend of both.

Also, now the mobile experience got a lot better with a modern, sleek interface. SharePoint Intranet now features better encryption, security and compliance policies in place. SharePoint is now an unrivaled leader in Intranet space.

What if we could augment to the already powerful SharePoint Intranet with our intelligently developed Apps? Apps that could give you an enriched SharePoint experience? Apps that could enhance your business productivity? That is what exactly we did with our business productivity apps.

Microsoft SharePoint + Hubfly powered Business Productivity Apps = ‘Enriched’ SharePoint experience.

Every single app we developed had one thing in common. We developed those with our customers in mind. We, in fact, had a lot of inputs straight from our customers.

Service Requests:

 Making requests for stationary, workplace facilities are now simple with this productivity app sitting right there in your SharePoint dashboard. You could also keep track of the status of your requests and make follow-ups all with this neatly designed intuitive app.

Resource Booking:

Booking for official resources like Cubicle Space, Monitors, Conference Rooms, Projectors are now easier than ever. You now have our resource booking app ready in your dashboard all set to get your requests resolved. No more follow-ups with admin teams, no more waiting for manager approvals as we have the entire workflow all within this little app.

Quick Books :

You might have your accounts tracked in Quick books. You would like to have a look at your accounts statements including profit & loss statement, expense report and everything from your Quick books dashboard? No worries logging in again to catch hold of your accounts. Our Quick Books app does all that by pulling it from Quick books. Everything you need, displayed in your SharePoint dashboard. How easy is having access to your accounts now?

My Teams :

This is a managerial access app, meaning only managers can have access. This app could cut long hours of meeting to get status updates from team members. Every manager would be able to track the progress of each employee in the most effective and productive manner. Any follow-ups, updates, work completion notifications everything all within My Teams.

Apply Job Online:

Your employees would be easily able to apply for internal job openings that perfectly suits their career. Organizations would love employees being more productive and in most cases, they would be happy offering a more suitable role for their employees. No more waiting for communication mails from job boards. You get to know all the current internal job openings within this app. As simple as that the transformation happens.

Multimedia Centre:

Multimedia content is always interesting. How about getting access to all your media files within one single app? Videos, Audio Podcasts, Images everything neatly organized and easily searchable. We have exactly done that with our Multimedia Centre. This app comes in handy when you need to learn a new feature, or to give an interactive content rich presentation and impress your audience. You have all resources that will make things not only easy but interesting too.

Ideation Management :

It is a place for nurturing and developing ideas. It is said that the best way to get a good idea is to have a lots of them, and choose the best ones from your list. But how do you collect lots of them? Our Ideation Management app comes in handy.  Now, you can capture your ideas whenever it strikes. Since you have easy access to Ideation Management in your SharePoint dashboard (which is the only mandatory thing that will be kept open always in your workplace), capturing ideas is now easier than ever. You never have to worry about missing a point.

Timesheet Modules:

Might be your organization has a separate timesheet tool that captures your in-time and out-time. But with our Timesheet modules app, you need not worry about logging into your tool to know the current status. In addition to our exclusive Timesheet module app, we can also pull in data from your existing timesheet tool and neatly present you with a concise overview in your dashboard.


It is how you welcome your new employees, make them accustomed to the new environment, outline them with your organization goals and prepare them for their role. If you could have it all delivered within their SharePoint dashboard, will that not be good? You could still have a real-time induction. That is how they can interact directly with their peers. But this app could be a follow-up to your induction program, further clarifying and taking them forward and make them work towards the organization goals.

HR Policies/Procedures:

This is often the most misunderstood process, even by senior employees. They often get lots of policy related questions whenever they face a new situation. Think about the to-and-fro mails to their help desk, the time involved in resolving, the manpower etc. You could drastically reduce all the mess by effectively showcasing your HR policies and procedures in an interactive way. A list of FAQ and a clean navigation of policies, all within their SharePoint dashboard would make your employees informed about the company policies.

Holiday Request:

Your teams can now plan their vacations effectively. Before applying for a vacation, let them get to know of the vacations already applied by other team members, their own leave history and official holidays etc. Your employees would also know how many paid leaves are pending and when they go LOP and other such statistics neatly organized within this app. Vacation planning can’t get any better.


SharePoint Intranet is aimed at making work collaboration and engagement easy. But how do you make that happen? Here comes our Gamification app to aid the process. Employees get points for every engagement they participate in. Whether submitting a blogpost, a wiki, comments, likes they get a score for everything. Your management could offer rewards (cash, awards, memento…Hey come on… that’s your job to get creative on how to reward your most engaging employees) for those in the top leader board. Your SharePoint Intranet is gonna get crazy with our Gamification.

These are the 12 business productivity apps that we have at our arsenal now. We have plans to develop more that would simplify your worklife and add up to your overall productivity. If you could appreciate what these 12 apps can do to improve your business, you should be curious now to dig further. In that case, please feel free to get in touch with us for a FREE demonstration of how we can help improve your business.

Packiaraj Santhiyagu

Written by Packiaraj Santhiyagu

Packiaraj, we rechristened him ‘Bahubali’, although not for his muscular attire or his ability to confront elephants, but his persistence to find a solution for every SharePoint issue he encounters. A cool guy who responds even to grave situations with his calm smile. He has been with Hubfly and the product development since its inception.