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A walkthrough of Hubfly Timesheet

Timesheets are an absolute requirement to not only track but also, plan and manage your employee’s time. Modern workplaces can’t just live without a timesheet. Especially when you are getting billed in hourly rates, Timesheets are essential tools. But then, there are literally thousands of Timesheet apps online. What makes Hubfly Timesheet different?

A Timesheet that neatly adapts within your Intranet

Hubfly timesheet app is developed as a line of Business App on top of SharePoint Intranet that we customize for enterprises. This eliminates the need for separate logins and gives you a unified experience all within your Intranet dashboard.  Timesheet softwareAccess your timesheet under Apps menu from your main dashboard. For easy access, you can add it to our Quicklinks widget too. How easy is that?

It has all the features required for effective tracking of your employee’s time like adding new projects, choosing if you work on billable or non-billable tasks, and even copy the previous week’s timesheet on a single click. Copy entire previous week’s log make few edits and voila you are done capturing the time you spent for the current week. As simple as that!

Hubfly timesheet

Broad analytics, easy graphical view

Hubfly Timesheet app shows you complete analytics of time logged with a neat overview of the number of hours worked, by week, month & year. Also, you could view how many hours you have spent on each task. Planning and managing your time couldn’t get any better. You will know how many hours you have spent on a task which in turn gives you an idea to manage your time even more effectively. Not just logging your time, but we have taken it a step ahead with a powerful analytics engine behind.

Timesheet management

Stunning UI, the next gen looks

We have put in a lot of time and efforts in making the User Interface gorgeous. You could rarely find a SharePoint app so thrilling with respect to looks. The User Experience you gain using our app improves usability and accessibility to the maximum. If you start using Hubfly Timesheet, you will never look beyond.

We have everything covered with respect to the seamless User Experience, a stunning UI and offering you the utmost functionality. Finally, a Timesheet your employees will love. If you have any questions, suggestions you are welcome in the comments.


Packiaraj Santhiyagu

Written by Packiaraj Santhiyagu

Packiaraj, we rechristened him ‘Bahubali’, although not for his muscular attire or his ability to confront elephants, but his persistence to find a solution for every SharePoint issue he encounters. A cool guy who responds even to grave situations with his calm smile. He has been with Hubfly and the product development since its inception.