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What is Hubfly Project Summary App?

SharePoint already has lot of tools for effective project management. Gantt Charts, Scrum boards, Task assignments, Resource Allocation, Feedback tools, Out-of-the-box reports to name a few. With all these tools saving a lot of time & making workplaces productive already, how does Hubfly Project Summary App give value?

The answer lies in the simplicity of its design & the detail it gives on all ongoing projects. A project manager can have a quick view of the status of all the projects with a R A G status – Red – Amber – Green which gives a clear outline of the status of all projects in one concise view.

Hubfly Project Summary

The project manager can just the Green ones (as those are supposedly going good) and direct the focus only on those Red & Amber projects. This may not be a full-blown project management tool, yet it comes up to save the project manager’s time and helps them to focus directly on only the projects that need immediate attention.

The Project Summary app has just 2 screens. The dashboard screen & the Project Details screen. The dashboard screen just lists the projects with a neat RAG status. And any project title when clicked takes you to the details screen where we get to know the details & different phases of the project.

Hubfly Project Summary app makes 2 things easy. Effective planning & Easy Tracking. Effectively planning, scheduling & prioritizing projects is now hassle free. Also, you get a consolidated view of all the projects in one screen. The project manager who runs the show, will be able to see a big picture of what is happening.

This app will save a lot of time of the entire team by eliminating the need for endless meetings/calls just to get status update of each and every project. Since we get a clear graphical color code status for every project listed, the manager could directly focus on only the projects that are critical. This would save a lot of time spent in getting updates on the current projects. If you can appreciate how much time this simple app can save for you and your team, you will only like this app more.

This Project summary app like any other Hubfly apps can be purchased with the Intranet package or as a standalone app from the Microsoft Office store. Don’t forget to share your success stories in the comments section below. We are looking forward to hear your experiences.

Packiaraj Santhiyagu

Written by Packiaraj Santhiyagu

Packiaraj, we rechristened him ‘Bahubali’, although not for his muscular attire or his ability to confront elephants, but his persistence to find a solution for every SharePoint issue he encounters. A cool guy who responds even to grave situations with his calm smile. He has been with Hubfly and the product development since its inception.