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Hubfly Intranet Vs LiveTiles for SharePoint

Businesses are beginning to understand intranets better than ever before. It provides them a competitive edge in improving office productivity, decision making and engaging employees meaningfully. Seventy-five percent of CEOs believe that intranets will help them to convert offices into digital workplaces and be able to meet the varied aspirations of employees who want 24/7 access to productivity tools on multiples of devices.  

With rising demand for intranets, there is also a plethora of intranet products that technology companies are able to offer. More offerings also mean more confusion, and bring in the need for comparing products before making a purchase. Comparisons are an integral part of the decision making process. 

Hubfly Intranet Vs LiveTiles for SharePoint – A Brief Comparison 

Hubfly Intranet is not just an intranet that was intended to be just beautiful or a communication/storage tool like LiveTiles; thought these are an integral part of Hubfly, the focus is basically on engaging the employees on core values for which a business stands. Here are but a few things that the competition lacks and Hubfly provides: Ideation Management tool for implementing employee ideas, Team and Group activities that foster good relationship, improving productivity and the means to reward employees who perform above standards.  

Hubfly is among the earliest technology companies to bring the benefits of cloud-centric intranet within the reach of small and medium-size businesses. Hubfly Intranet is a cloud-based application and therefore eliminates the need for expensive hardware or software that users have to buy and maintain; it is all subsumed by the cloud-service provider. The benefit of Hubfly Intranet is that it provides the power of connectivity round the clock in virtually any mobile device that is commonly available with employees. It greatly incentives employees to be engaged in work even while at home, on vacation or commuting. What all this means is: employees are connected to your business, they are able to put in more hours of work and generally enjoy their job. At the end the business benefits in the form employee satisfaction and zero-down time on maintenance.  

The boom in intranet market has fuelled many digital technology companies to come out with a large range of intranet products, but this is also causing problems when choosing the right product for businesses. Since there is a vast choice before customer today, making comparisons is inevitable before going for one or the other intranets.  

SharePoint Intranet Software

Hubfly Intranet is among the earliest technology companies to develop an intranet that seeks to deliver a product that meet customer requirements to the best possible extent. Towards delivering the right product, it strives to provide the best information about the products so that consumers are able to take a wise decision between competing contenders.  

One notable feature that cannot be missed in the Hubfly Intranet is that it centres around employees and business productivity while the competition is harping solely on metrics that cannot be measured. This is where Hubfly wins hands down against the competition.   

The intention behind making a comparison is to provide users solid background information on what to look for in an intranet and decide wisely.  

Hubfly Intranet Vs LiveTiles – Feature Comparison


1Integration of Applications  

Hubfly Intranet offers an extensive range of unbeatable features. The good thing about Hubfly is that you don’t have to order features separately. It works on top of SharePoint (cloud) and Office 365 and is flexible to accommodate integration with multiples of applications that businesses are already using. Hubfly also offers customer-specific application integration whenever there is a specific request.  

LiveTiles on the other hand does not offer everything on a platter just like Hubfly does; it requires that you buy special features piece by piece and then integrate it in steps. The downside to this type of a model is that, businesses have to spend more as they begin to expand or as an afterthought want new features. This makes LiveTiles expensive and you don’t really know when you will need a feature that has not been included.  

These apart, integrating the different components can be bothersome and requires expert knowledge compared with Hubfly that offers all features as a single packable. The benefit is businesses don’t have to upgrade or add features – it is all there when you order it.  

2.The Learning Curve 

The core consideration that went into the making of Hubfly Intranet is simplicity. It is so simple to use that you don’t even have to learn even the basics of SharePoint. It is what you can call a true out of the box plug-and-play intranet.  

Hubfly understands that intranets must be simple for users to master its features and that is the reason why it has totally eliminated the learn curve attached to it. Most users will feel comfortable with the intranet just after a brief period of using it. It is such a versatile and easy to use intranet that users won’t even know that behind it are umpteen suite of applications of Office365 running in the background. It is mostly a click and use effort that can be done even by the least technically savvy user.  

LiveTiles is a suite of large number of applications; all bought and integrated. It requires extensive coaching and training before it becomes fully operation. The problem with having to learn and master the intricacies can be debilitating on users and potentially users may want to abandon it and seek a manual route to achieving even simple tasks.  

3. Pricing Policy 

Though LiveTiles offers NGO and a few communities of users a reduced-price advantage; they don’t compare well with Hubfly’s transparent single-price policy. Secondly, NGOs and Educational institutions need to enter into elaborate terms and conditions and complicate the acquisition whole process.  

Hubfly’s pricing is straight and simple – $99 for up to 49 users and user-friendly customised pricing where the number of users are 50 or more.  

4. Customisation Process 

Hubfly Intranet understands customers best and is aware that the power of customisation should rest with the users. This is the reason why the application puts the power of giving a unique touch and feel to the interface in the hands of the intranet administrators. In a few steps, Hubfly Intranet’s touch and feel can be enhanced to reflect the users brand image.  

LiveTiles is a radically different kind of intranet that is not amenable to changing the user interface without expertise. To change, users have to follow extensive procedures making it difficult to achieve with ease.  


"While both Intranets have very desirable features, there are subtle differences which makes Hubfly more relevant to some use cases. The message that comes across from the comparison is that LiveTiles requires an admin who is tech savvy and knows a bit of SharePoint while Hubfly's Intranet can be managed by an admin without an in depth understanding of SharePoint. Added to this, the deployment time for LiveTiles would take weeks while that of Hubfly will be in terms of hours


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