4 Reasons to Choose Hubfly Office 365 Intranet in-a-box for Improved Productivity

Every organization has unique needs and there is no one-fits-all intranet in practice. This is also true of intranets that run on top of Office 365 and SharePoint. For many years since the first release, SharePoint used to be installed in the users’ premises and configured to specific requirements. This means adding features after features and a burgeoning bill for the organization and not to mention the six or more months to get it right and running. Intranet in-a-box can set off all these concerns to a maximum extent. Hubfly is among the earliest solution providers to develop intranet in-a-box as a product.  

Making Life a bit Easy 

Intranet in-a-box can make life easy for organizations and is a cost-effective solution and; even a strategy. After endless trials and retrials, organizations finally opt for in-a-box solution to avoid delays and cost overruns. This is an advantage for companies they are able to allocate more money for core objectives realization, enliven office environment, accomplish task quicker and realize a higher rate of return on investment. More than anything else, a stress-free office ensures higher productivity and better relationship among colleagues.


Choosing the Right Intranet in-a-box 

We engineered our intranet in-a-box after extensive research. Customers prefer Hubfly’s intranet in-a-box because:  

1.  It is flexible. Flexibility is important because we know that ability to change is an essential component in today’s office environment. Typically, the two important points on which flexibility is desirable are extensibility and customization. As I said earlier, there is no one-fits-all intranet in practice 

2. Product is updated regularly. No product is perfect we agree. The essence of a good product is improvement and we do it by constantly subjecting it to research and development. We learn from experience and we put it to practical use in as little time as possible.  

3. We give users multiple buying options. No single pricing policy can fit all our customers and we know that small and big businesses have different expectations on this front. You can choose between different licensing options. In short, we make it affordable for all users.  

4. Hubfly’s online Intranet in-a-box is scalable. We made Hubfly scalable deliberately to give our small customers an advantage. It is one of the rare solutions that you will see in the selling space that allows you to grow your intranet as your organization grows. 

Seeing is believing and we welcome you to ask for a demo. At Hubfly you can expect personalized services that you will really love.  

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