9 Reasons to Choose Hubfly Cloud-based Intranet Software for Automating Office Workflow

Intra-office communication is too important to be ignored. Telephones, email, text messaging all serve specific purposes but lack in features of a truly robust communication system. Telephones are redundant because you cannot keep copies of conversations; text messages easily get lost and emails are difficult to track beyond a certain point.  

Early Intranets 

Intranets came in as a solution to undo the difficult part of maintaining a company’s communication system up and running. With an intranet, offices can store documents safely, allow selective access to users for collaborative work, reduce paper work, save time lost in moving tons of papers between departments 

Intranets have proved their mettle in easing the communication needs of offices to a large extent, but not without shortcomings still. Cloud-based intranet software is fast replacing in-premise intranets worldwide and businesses are already finding it a cost-effective solution viz-a-viz in-house intranet servers. Maintaining an in-house intranet server is now proving to be a drag on resources; especially for small and mid-size businesses that have a limited budget.  

To use cloud-based intranet software, you don’t have to make any investment on hardware or software; or periodically spend money on upgrading the software. This is taken care by the software providers, but there is still a catch learning to use the software can still be tricky because there are still a lot of apps that users have to master to use it effectively. Does this mean that cloud-based intranet software is difficult to use? Not really software makers like Hubfly offer intranet that is really easy to use.


Next Gen Intranet 

Hubfly Intranet is a futuristic intranet that makes using Office 365 and SharePoint extremely easy. It has been designed to give the users a unified experience in terms of an advanced user interface and UX. Users will not even know that behind it are many apps running in the background. Hubfly intranet supports a large range of devices, making it extremely versatile and user friendly. More importantly cloud-based Intranets have the following advantages: 

1. The need for networking computer is totally eliminated 
2. There is no possibility of applications being outdated 
3. You can scale up (or down) the number of users and save money 
4. Request for scale up is instant  
5. There is no unpleasant cost overrun 
6. Your intranet can be set up within few hours (depends on number of users) 
7. It takes just a few hours of training to master the intricacies 
8. You pay only for what you use 
9. You don’t need to employ networking engineers in-house 

To learn more about putting Hubfly cloud-based intranet software to best use in your office ask for a demo today itself. 

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