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How an Intranet can Boost Your Employee Engagement

Why all the fuss about Employee Engagement? Do the business folks have enough on their hands already? These questions are very valid especially if you are running Small to Medium businesses. The employee factor is often overlooked because of a wrong notion passed on from generation to generation, that no employee is indispensable. Businesses can hardly afford to take employees for granted any longer. That is why Employee Engagement becomes an absolute necessity. Though there are many tools helping you achieve Employee Engagement, the Intranet is the best of them all:  

Before we address features vs benefits in an Intranet, here is a myth vs reality table that everyone thinking of improving Employee Engagement should have a look at.SharePoint Intranet Software

Employee Engagement: Myth vs Reality 

S No  Myth 


1  Employee Engagement is expensive   There are effective inexpensive options costing as low as $200-$300 per month (for an employ force of 50 or lower) 
2  Employee feedbacks are useless  Employee feedbacks are extremely important and help tailor an Intranet to suit the needs of the firm provided enough thought goes into designing the feedback form  
3  Employees emotional needs does not figure in Employee Engagement  This is by far the most important need to be addressed. In fact, every feature of an Intranet is intended to tend to an emotional need of employees 
4  Money is the best motivator  There is enough attrition now to prove that this is the worst presumption to have 
5  There are no tools sufficient to address all the employee engagement needs  There is enough proof in all the case studies of Intranet companies to prove that Employee Engagement tools are not only sufficient but also efficient in motivating employees to collaborate 
6  Employees don’t deserve to be treated like luxury  Repeat after us: Employees are the most important part of your (any) company… 

Intranet Features vs Employee Engagement Benefits 

Multiple features of Intranets are meant to address multiple needs the employees might have to collaborate better. These features (and the benefits they provide) are explained one by one below: 

1. Gamification for Better Collaboration

This is a snapshot of an employee profile on Hubfly Intranet. The entire digital activities intended for collaboration are broken down: Stories, Ideas, Questions, Replies, Answers. The validations are also divided into measurable elements: Helpful Answers, Praise (Received/Given), Profile Views, and finally the sum of everything gives you the Engagement Score.  

2. Ideation and Communities features: to hear out every employee 

The Ideation feature focuses on people sharing any ideas they might have had but were not able to express in a board meeting. The best practices in dealing with ideas prefer the ideas being articulated well on a portal. The decision makers would then look into them, evaluate one against another and finally decide whether or not to go ahead with it after assessing the feasibility. This helps employees come up with bigger and better ideas because they know that their ideas are going to be evaluated for their worth by merit and not merely by reputation.

Communities is a feature that helps you have a discussion instantaneously with all your peers in your department and enables quick decision making. This makes the process transparent without you going he decided to go with idea X because John/Jane Doe was closest to him.  

3. Forms for seamless automation of annoying tasks 

Ask any salesman to chart out 3 most annoying moments in a quarter and you can wager that filling up the reimbursement form and producing all hard copies of bills figures in that list. He is okay waiting 3 hours for a transit flight because that adds value for his business but this form filling annoys him out of his wits. That is why Hubfly has the feature Forms which helps Salesmen, Marketers, Other employees alike in having their forms uploaded in quick time. From there, all that one needs to do is merely wait for approval.

This means no carrying a bundle of good-for-nothing bills around: all that he needs to do is take a photograph and upload it. This means that he can travel hassle free without panicking that he misplaced that really expensive hotel/restaurant bill. This makes life easier for those folks who add a lot of value to your firm. This is a way of expressing gratitude and showing your employees you care.  

Intranets are no longer nice to have options. That is another myth that has been busted by many firms which are having happier and more productive workplaces thanks to Intranets. Companies ranging from Large Enterprises to NGOs are all seeing Intranets for what they really are: the best Employee Engagement options there is right now.  

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