Intranet for Small Business the Essentials and Need

Intranets are no more the citadel of big business with wads of money to flash. It has become affordable after the advent of cloud-based intranet. Small businesses around the world are adopting its features in multiple ways and deriving immense benefits out of it. Now is the time for small businesses to acquire intranet and improve productivity.

Intranets are available as: intranet-as-a-service and with minor configuration it is deployable as employee intranet software such as the one from Hubfly Intranet.

Intranets have been around for almost 3 decades and businesses are beginning to realise the immense benefit that they delivery. What was once an exclusive privilege of big businesses and corporate has now become accessible for small and medium size organisations as well. The chief driver of the intranet boom is undoubtedly the availability of could-based intranet for small business.

Why Go for Intranet as a Service?

There are two ways to acquire an intranet a traditional intranet that you install on-premises or a ready-to-use intranet that is delivered over the intranet (commonly also known as cloud-based intranet). Traditional intranet is almost defunct and only the big corporation with tons of money and tied up to legacy working style continue with it and that again just a few. The buzz word in the world of intranet is cloud-based intranet, known by several other nomenclatures such as ready-to-use intranet, intranet in a box and so on.

Cloud-based intranet as service can be contracted from multiple service providers and include some of the earliest players such as SharePoint from Microsoft. The advantage with SharePoint is it has been around for a longer time than others and comes integrated with Office365, an extensively used set of office tools that have become standards for running offices around the world.

Understanding the Ready-to-use Intranet

What is a ready-to-use intranet really? Though it says ready-to-use intranet, not all intranets can be put to use straightway. This is especially true if you are migrating from on-premises software to the cloud-based intranet offered by an intranet service provider. There is the configuration to be done; migrating the data and finally providing training in an entirely new environment. Ready-to-use intranet simply means that most of the work is already done; but not all.


Most often, ready-to-use intranet is preferred when you want to reduce the implementation time. It comes with a big chunk of independent applications already built into it and with an option to add more as required.

Smart ways of using Intranet in Small Business Environment

Universally, when small businesses contemplate the use of intranets for office productivity, the first thing that strikes their mind is communication and document storage and retrieval, but this is not always the case. It is more about giving your employees an environment in which they can perform better and smarter. For the employers it is a tool for enhancing the means to better engagement and improving office productivity.

When you have a cloud-based intranet that has been enhanced by software like Hubfly Intranet, you are also putting the power of mobility into the hands of the employees. Cloud-based intranets are OS independent access points and thus your employee can access the intranet from his or her mobile phone or a laptop at home.

Since intranets can substitute for many communication needs, your employees will don’t have to spend endless hours answering email or taking phone calls as this will have been accomplished through the use of one of several features and tools included in the intranet.

Cloud-based intranets offer flexibility and you don’t have to be tied up with standard features that they offer. You can order special application that is specific to your business requirement and then integrate it with your intranet. There is thus an endless number of ways to use intranet to effectively improve employee productivity.

Intranet Advantages

1. Employees connected with each other are more productive. Source: The McKinsey Global Institute found that productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees.
2. Intranets encourage employees to be more creative and come up with unique ideas because the chances of their ideas getting recognised and implemented are higher. It promotes a sense of belonging for the employee.
3. Employers can track individual performance with unbiased information that is generated in the intranet. You can instantly tell the non-performed from the engaged employee accurately.
4. Employees get the opportunity to share an idea, get it discussed and bring it to the notice of managers at the highest level.
5. The need to move bulky paper documents is totally eliminated. Sharing or referring to a document becomes a zero-effort endeavour. Documents can be stored systematically and in line with your strategies.

Hubfly Intranet Enhancements for SharePoint

SharePoint though a great intranet is not really an employee intranet software in its real sense. It is needs to be configured extensively and is not yet the darling of intranet software for employees. It may take a fairly big office couple months and days of employee training to run without a hitch. In its raw state, SharePoint has a long learning curve attached to it. But the bright side to SharePoint is that has an extensive dynamic community of intranet software developers who can enhance its value.

Hubfly is among the earliest players to develop an enhancement for SharePoint and is today one of the best intranet software that has captured the imagination of small and midsize businesses alike. What makes Hubfly Intranet so much of an asset for small and medium size business? The answer is in the extensive features that you won’t see in any other employee intranet software. We call intranet as employee intranet software, because they are the people who use round the clock.

Hubfly Intranet is an enhancement to SharePoint and Office 365 and streamlines the work flow between multiple apps without any hitch or hindrance. It supplements features that are not available in the SharePoint in its original state.

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