Intranets are your Tool for Getting Employees Fully Engaged

Intranets are not just tools that you use to share documents. These are jobs that can be done in myriad other ways; but what makes it unique is the profound impact it makes on employee morale. Intranets should be more appropriately viewed as morale boosters and a tool for getting your employees engaged.  

A fully-engaged employee is a valuable asset that you cannot let go; it is instead a means to win his/her loyalty for your organisation. Intranet can do this for small and medium businesses that are trying harder than ever before to retain employee loyalty.  

Procrastinating, can be dangerous to your business and if you agree that intranet is a miracle tool then make a beginning today itself. If you are a small or midsize business owner and you don’t have an intranet for your office, then you are already losing out to your competition. Intranet is not just about sharing documents, images, storing and retrieving; it is more about retaining talents, increasing productivity and helping your employees to stay connected and getting them engaged in your business process. All this is yours with a ready-to-use intranet 

Ready-to-use Intranet Vs Custom-built Intranet 

The temptation to choose custom-built intranet is undoubtedly strong and has a few advantages, but the problem is they are expensive to build, maintain and keep it running without a hitch. The first problem you will face with custom-built intranet is in choosing the most appropriate hardware and the employee intranet software solution. What typical intranet developers will offer you is an enterprise intranet software that is loaded with gizmos for which you will have no use at all. Add to this the cost of implementing, you will run into a fat bill that you may have never foreseen.  

The writings on the wall is clear, and what you need is an intranet for small business that takes into consideration the time and cost factor. Herein comes cloud-based intranet software.  

Cloud-based intranet software is an intranet for small business  that is easy to adapt and put it to use instantly. What cloud-based intranet developers seek to address is making it universally acceptable to a variety of business owners with a small budget and stopping them with trying free intranet software that don’t meet office requirements at all.  

The first advantage you will experience as a cloud-based intranet user is that you can adopt it as an intranet collaboration software to build an office culture unique to your organisation. Technology apart, intranets can speed up the employee-engagement process and put your organisation on the path to success.  

The emphasis of this blog is on building a unique culture for your organisation and equally on adopting intranet for small business to getting your employees fully engaged. Fully engaged employees are the keys to improving your business and putting you on the right trajectory.  

About Cloud-based Intranet Software 

The advantage of a cloud-based intranet is that your employees stay connected round the clock to their job. This is not possible in a traditional intranet that is installed in the office in a server. It is an incentive that encourages employees to work even when they are home and are physically energetic to attend to a task. This is because cloud-based intranet can be accessed anywhere anytime on an Android or iOS phone. This is good for employees to be productive and innovative.  


Cloud-based intranet are less expensive to maintain because the onus of maintaining the hardware (cloud server) and software is offloaded on the cloud service provider such as Office 365 and SharePoint. The price you pay for the service is also predictable and thus you can begin a subscription for as little as 10 employees and then escalate as the demand goes up. This is a far cry from an on-premises intranet that requires either additional hardware and software, and resultantly more investment that is not recoverable. Cloud intranet does not stop here either; you can if need be, even down flag your subscription and save money.   

Intranet and Employee Engagement 

As we said earlier intranet is not all about just converting a physical office into a digital workplace. It is more about making the job interesting and getting your employees interested in what they are doing and keeping them happy. Happiness transforms into higher productivity, resulting in higher rate of return on the investment made on human resources. A well designed and aesthetically appealing, easily learnable intranet such Hubfly Intranet that runs on top of Office 365 and SharePoint can keep your employees connected in a pleasing environment. It can give your employees access to localised information about what is happening at office, and that, round the clock. 

Here are a few key points that make anytime, anywhere intranet likeable and a productivity booster. 

  •  Provides seamless communication round the clock. With a cloud-based intranet, you can readily communicate your thoughts to employees as it happens. This will make your employee that their service is valued and is being recognized. It simply promotes employee engagement on higher pedestal.  
  •  Keeping your employees in the loop at all times. Keeping your employees in the dark is the worst thing that any employer can inflict on his workers. When it is done, it backfires on the business and the result is a detached employee who is out to spoil the more engaged ones. You can stop all this with an intranet by beaming information across the enterprise and taking employees into confidence. If you do this you can expect your employees to share the same dream and commitment with which you are involved.
  •  Make working fun; not drudgery. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Remember these famous words? How very true in today’s settings. So, a little bit of fun here and there, now and then, can dramatically change the way we work. This we call gamification. Many intranets such as Hubfly that have Gamification as a feature that can be used in your workplace. Gamified offices will not only improve morale but also consolidate innovative thoughts that can be turned into implementable ideas. 
  • Helping employees to build communities. Close-knitting your employees into communities can work wonders for your organisation and bring in harmony instead of unhealthy competition and jealousy. When your employees form communities, it brings them together and fosters a sense of belonging to each other resulting in higher productivity.
  • Researchers believe that that office employees who work closely are 50% upward more productive and are usually open to adopting better ideas than their own. This translates into better engagement and is good for the organisation. Don’t underestimate what intranets can do to achieve these and more. They are sure to enhance your organisation’s work ethics multiple times over.
  •  Learn more about what your employees and their preferences are. The near-perfect management is one that has a clear handle of its employees wants and needs. To guess is dangerous, but if you can ask your employees directly it the best. Intranets are best suited for this; you can ask them to participate in polls, survey and even entice them to part with their concerns about their workplace. Once you have a place like an intranet in place, getting your employees speak their mind is easier. You can even program your intranet to tap feedback anonymously. In short, your intranet can be your employees voice.
  •  Making your employees feel important and invaluable. When you make your employees feel important, you are also buying their loyalty without conditions. It does not stop here either; engaged employees are more likely to encourage other employees to feel like themselves and come into the engaged employees’ fold. Your intranet is your listening post; you will hear what you cannot ask them directly. It is all about analysing the tone of your employees’ words and making changes in the organisation to make bring in more engagement in place of disenchantment. 
  • Give your employees an opportunity to vent their grievances. I am not saying that, venting anger in the intranet will solve problem on its own; but it will help business heads and managers to understand what is going wrong and when it started to happen. We know that human memory is short and not everything can be monitored on a day to day basis, however, your intranet can open the magic box and pour out the real issues in a seamless manner. It is kind of a repository that you can use for mining behaviour patterns and rectifying shortcomings. It is a tool that no business can afford to ignore.
  •  Open up your organisation and make it receptive to innovative ideas. Ideas are core areas that organisations don’t capture it from employees. A single brilliant idea can take your business miles ahead and beat the competition out, and here again intranet can contribute immensely. Not just ideas either, you can hear the rumblings too; like disenchanted employees lamenting over genuine issues for example. A well captured idea can work marvels if it is debated, fine tuned and implemented.  

SharePoint Intranet Software

Intranet as a Collaborative Tool 

Collaboration is critical for success in business. As the world heads towards specialization, there also arises a need to integrate different specialties into one and give customers a unique highly valuable product or service that is unbeatable. Here is where intranets can play a critical role by bringing together multiple specialties together. Though this can be done in myriad other ways, the advantage of intranet is that it can be programmed to be done in a centralised location where all participants can see it as it unravels. 

Here are a few collaborative features that intranets are able to achieve.  

  •   Use if for communication in place of emails. Intranets nowadays are preferred over email because it eliminates the need for spending endless hours on answering and follow up. It is relatively simpler and consumes lesser time.
  •  Manage documents efficiently. Managing documents is a dreaded task for most managers who are hard pressed for time. In non-intranet systems, files are difficult to locate, though we know it is somewhere in the computer. Intranet is a different ballgame altogether
  •  Ideal suited for filling forms, sending requests and analysis. Intranets are kind of a centralised repositories that hold information. On a practical scale, intranets are suited for conducting polls, applying for leave (and leave benefits), payroll processing and generating tax returns. It is also ideally adaptable to auditing effortlessly.  

Don’t Procrastinate to Start today itself 

If you have been procrastinating on ordering a cloud-based intranet for your business, you are losing out badly. The best time to start is today and that now itself. If you want professional assistance, it is available too.  

Businesses with an existing on-premises intranet too should consider embracing cloud-based intranet because you will be moving to something less complex for employees to learn.  

Hubfly Intranet is a preferred cloud-based intranet that runs on Office 365 and SharePoint. What sets it apart from other intranets is its extensive features that others can’t offer. The pricing is simple and is based on the number of users. This is an advantage if you are either expanding or even if you are down scaling your operations.  

To start with talk to an expert at Hubfly Intranet and request a demo schedule 

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