Top 3 Best Advantages of Ready-to-go Intranet

Everything on the Internet has some unsaid myths associated with it. The Ready-to-go Intranet is no different. The idea of Intranet as a service is fairly old (almost a decade) in the Americas. However, there are some ghosts still about the service of Intranet in a box stalling the process of ubiquitous deployment. It is high time the myths surrounding Intranet as a service got busted like nooba gamers playing Need For Speed.

The Most Popular Myth

Ready-to-go Intranet endures Large upfront cost.

This myth occurs because of seeing Intranet solely as a product. However, if one can be made to see Intranet as a service (SaaS as they popularly call it these days), the upfront cost vanishes. What remains is a manageable monthly subscription. The cost has gone down considerably while the solution remains intact. Instantt that what every SMB entrepreneur dream?

Now that the myth has been taken down, it is time to take a look at the advantages of Readymade Intranet:

1. Doing the math: Reduced Deployment Costs

Folks get all balled up trying to work out the math behind Intranet as a service. Also, you are thinking how the same service can be rendered at two entirely different costs. Thinking of the model as a set top box clears things up very nicely. You pay only for the channels you watch. And let us say you got a TV in your bedroom and your living room. That makes it two set top boxes. So you pay for both the boxes and the channels that you want in each of these boxes. Likewise, you only pay for the services you use and the number of users you have. And that’s the way the cookie (of economics) crumbles.


2. Reduced Deployment Time: Custom made Intranet vs Intranet in a Box

Custom made Intranet takes about 4-6 months to get set up and to be ready for launch. However, ready-to-go Intranet hardly takes about a month and a half. This makes sure the managers get the time to create a Unified Digital Workplace.

3.Enough time to set metrics to measure success of Intranet

When you hear the words Unified, Digital and Workplace, you are unable to get anything tangible. That is why setting metrics for the full fledged launch of the Intranet is so important. Ready-to-go Intranet gives the deployment manager enough time to come up with tangibles to measure the success of Intranet as a service. The following can be some of the suggested metrics that have been set by some of the best Intranet managers:

1. Reducing the time to book a meeting room
2. Reducing the time to find an expert (for opinions)
3. Reducing the time to enter a sales lead
4. Increasing the accuracy and authenticity of the Sales Lead Information
5. Increase task completion for online bookings
6. Reduce out-of-date information

Of course there are limitations, which would make for another blog post. However, the benefits of implementing a Ready-to-launch Intranet outnumber its pitfalls.

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