What is all this talk about Ready-to-use Intranet?

Intranets are invaluable assets for businesses. Primarily they help to streamline communication, enable collaborative work, save documents safely and just as easily retrieve it when required. This is but the tip of the iceberg. There are endless ways to harness the power of intranets and most important of all, you can use the power of intranet to share applications and programs instead of installing each one separately in all computers. Life within organizations without intranet is nowadays unimaginable.

The Coming of IaaS

Until Intranet as a Service (IaaS) became a reality, intranets used intranet servers (program) to keep intranets running. Intranets installed in-house had their own shortcomings that IaaS could solve. The almost obsolete in-house intranet servers are fast giving way to IaaS. The advantages are enormous the need for an intranet server, expensive software updates, limitations & restrictions, inflexibility and IT maintenance staff are all eliminated almost.


Enhanced IaaS Experience

Businesses these days choose Office 365 and SharePoint Online in lieu of intranet server. This though a big advantage can still be a little cumbersome for many working in an office. This is because there is still a need to master the ways in which the different apps can be coordinately be used to advantage. Here in comes IaaS enhancers like Hubfly Intranet.

Hubfly Intranet is a ready to use intranet without a learning curve. It is called ready to use because it comes packaged and can be put to use in very little time and users don’t have to grapple with too many applications. The powers of Hubfly Intranet are really amazing, and most important of all is that users won’t even know that there are dozens of apps running in the background to make life easy for them.

Hubfly Ready-to-use Intranet

Hubfly Intranet is a carefully thought-out software engineering marvel pioneered by two technocrats who live and breathe intranet solutions. It is the preferred intranet of big and small businesses across three continents to enliven Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint offerings. Your organization should be using Hubfly if:

1. High-cost in-house intranets are beyond your budget limitations
2. Want an intranet without the hassles of owning unwanted hardware
3. Don’t want to spend money on software and hardware upgrades
4. Want access to the latest software
5. Want an intranet without any downtime
6. Want flexibility and scalability as your requirements grow
7. Want overall better ROI on investment
8. Want to pep up productivity, employee energy and quality of work

Seeing is believing. To learn more about Hubly Intranet, ask for demo today itself. Our experts will lay threadbare the endless features that are packed into Hubly Intranet.

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