Why should Small to Medium Enterprises Prefer Hubfly Intranet?

Hubfly Intranet is the easiest way for a small to medium business to get its employees engaged. It is the smart choice for an entrepreneur to make his workplace happy and productive.

Top Reasons why Hubfly is the Best Intranet for a small to Medium Business

1. Keeping the Drive Alive 

An employee’s drive to work is the lifeline of any firm. This is true especially if the work force is small. The camaraderie among the employees is what will push them give their 100 percent. Hubfly’s Intranet is a great enabler of this camaraderie by providing tools that ensure seamless communication and effective collaboration.

By breaking down employee engagement into parameters like questions posted to the community, answers written, polls that identify helpful answersideas contributed and stories (blog/article/link) shared, Hubfly helps the firm measure how engaged an employee really is. The Gamification not only makes interaction fun for the employee but also make a clear case for appraisal.  

2. Sharing your vision with your Employees

Most small to medium enterprises find it difficult connecting with their employees. This is because the employees hardly share the vision of their CEO. Clearly, this is because of the lack of a good communicative tool. If e-mails and bulletin boards could suffice, the attrition of the firms would be low. 

Hubfly’s Intranet offers a fresh alternative where the management can position information on the Homepage so that the Employees are with the firm at every step in its journey. The User Interface is designed in such a way that the management’s admin hardly needs to be a technological expert. This way, the Internal Branding can be set straight at minimal effort. This way every employee speaks the same language at work.  

3. Building Employee Confidence 

There is nothing worse for an employee than being unheard at work. This takes out all the confidence he has in the firm. The best way to build an employee’s confidence, both in himself and in the firm, is to have tools which can recognize and reward his valuable ideas and other inputs.

SharePoint Intranet Software

The Ideation feature takes care of this inherent need. Not only does the feature enable the management to record the ideas but also it gives them a chance to evaluate, to get the opinion of others, to have a poll and decide if it should be implemented. And if it finally does get the nod, the person is rewarded handsomely. There is no greater joy at work than getting an idea taking shape as a real time project. Besides Ideation, the Discussion threads in the feature called Communities provide ample room for providing one’s informed opinion and shaping the learning curve of the workforce. 

4. Great Value ForMoney 

Every Small to Medium Enterprise has a constant need to channel financial resources. This means they would have to operate within a certain budget while making purchase decisions on Intranet and other collaborative tools. Hubfly empathizes with this situation and has priced its Intranet accordingly. All it takes is a demo to realize the great value for money that Hubfly’s Intranet provides.

The Right Time is now!

If you have had to constantly cover ground to play catch up with your competitors, it is a sign that the time has come for your firm to try Hubfly! So, visit the website, book a demo and see for yourself what Hubfly has to offer! You could also know more about all the features before taking a demo!

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