Why Small Businesses must use Intranet as a Service for Improving Office Productivity?

What is an intranet really? The simplest answer is, it is a network of computers within an organization that enables users to connect and cooperate in accomplishing work. Intranets serve a multitude of purpose exchange documents and videos, create common documents, connect individuals and help to work jointly on documents and projects. But that is not all Intranets can also minimize physical movement of files and people, save time and increase productivity. Intranets are indispensable for modern offices and no office is small enough not to have an intranet.  

intranet software for small business

Most of those who used intranets were big businesses that had a big budget, but not now. Technological innovations now make it possible for even small businesses with as few as 10 or lesser employees to deploy intranets and realize its benefits; and this because, intranet is now available as a service. Commonly known as Intranet as a Service (IaaS), it dispenses with the need to own networking computers and software to run it. More importantly, IaaS can be progressively upgraded without having to buy software or any hardware upgrade. In fact, IaaS providers offer services mostly packaged with almost all commonly used office applications as a bundle that is cost effective. With an IaaS you can say goodbye to software purchases altogether.  

IaaS dispenses with such concepts like Intranet Software for Small Businesses and this means your office will have the same software that big businesses with big budgets have for their offices. It is an advantage that small businesses cannot ignore. If you own a small business, you will definitely understand what exact advantages you will get in a level playing field.  

Six Advantages of Intranet as a Service 


IaaS offers really big advantages and includes: 

1. Deployment is almost instant start using it in as little as few days if not hours 
2. Easily scalable up or down as per your requirements and volume 
3. No outages like in an in-house intranet you do away with hardware maintenance  
4. Don’t have to buy frequent software upgrades or spend money on new software 
5. New applications are almost always free of cost 
6. There are no unpleasant expenses or hidden cost everything is transparent  

That is not all either; once you go onboard, you will discover advantage after advantage that improve office productivity and bring down expenditures.  

Enhance IaaS Advantage 

If what bothers you are the endless numbers of applications that come bundled with IaaS offerings, don’t bother; intranet businesses like Hubfly offers a solution that make using IaaS simple. Hubfly Intranet is a software that makes IaaS offerings easy to use by integrating all applications in a simple UI/UX. It is a solution that uses Office 365 and SharePoint to give a unique experience; so seamlessly that users will not even know that there are dozens of applications running in the background.  

Experiencing is believing. Contact Hubfly today itself to learn more (or watch a real-time demo by a Hubfly expert) about Hubfly Intranet Solution for small businesses 

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