Wondering How to Improve Employee Engagement?

Though machines have taken over many human functions in the workplace, human effort is still the deciding factor in the outcome. Businesses all over the world recognise this and strive to engage their employees in multitude of ways.

Engaging Employees Then and Now

Engaging an employee and recognizing his contribution is but one of many ways to appreciate his or her efforts. This way, the management can reward exceptional employees and retain their loyalty for a long time to come. It is a win-win situation for all stake holders.

Before the advent of computers and the internet, the primary way of engaging an employee was regular face-to-face meetings. This took time and effort and over the years as work pressure started to mount, the practice too began to wane, and thus started attrition rates to rise.

Engaging Employees Effectively

There is no single fail proof formula for engaging the employee, but there is no reason to despair either and it can be done by giving them an opportunity to voice their concerns within the organisation. This is best achieved in an intranet where every employee and the management participate voluntarily.  The is that the management can pick up tell-tale signals and sort out problems before it blows off full scale.


Little Things About Intranets

Intranets are valuable assets for collaborating, communicating, storing data and retrieving information instantly, and more importantly you don’t have to own expensive hardware to reap the benefits in your business context. Choosing the best intranet service however is a cat and mouse game; it tends to be elusive, but there are many intranets to choose. A little research is all it takes, but the benefits will linger on for ever.

SharePoint from Microsoft is a bundle of applications that you can use effectively in your workplace, especially for building a community for your employees. As you may have expected, there is indeed a learning curve to mastering its use, but the good news is that Microsoft partners like Hubfly offer products that will almost eliminate the learning curve. You can learn more about Hubfly products here.

How to Start?

Talk to us today itself and ask for an online demo. We will walk you through explaining SharePoint as a service and customising it with Hubfly. There a few must-watch videos that explain in depth about putting Hubfly to best use in your organisation; you will really love it.

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