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5 Reasons why you should opt Hubfly Intranet

The old school ‘one-way’ corporate communication has become history long back. Now, it is work collaboration & teamwork that rules the corporate world. Advantages of the intranet in business is well understood now. With the always evolving business transformations, a much more effective and streamlined process is in demand. We need to eliminate the need of using multiple portals for every single task and get it done all under a single dashboard. That sounds cool, but how do you accomplish that?

The answer is Hubfly Intranet built on SharePoint powered by intelligent Business Productivity Apps. Let us discuss why your Business needs an Intranet.

Okay, what is Hubfly Intranet?

We have built a custom Intranet with Microsoft SharePoint, the leading Intranet software that houses more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies. One can customize our Intranet to suit their company branding, drag the home page widgets and arrange based on their usage, use different themes to customize the look and feel at one shot. Furthermore, we have set of Business Productivity Apps ranging from Timesheet, Leave Request, Service Request, Project Summary, Asset Management to name a few. We help you experience the real power of an Intranet.

Hubfly Intranet

#1 Custom Dashboard

 A dashboard that can be customized with respect to the themes, and layout of widgets. Themed to match your branding & style and options to fix a custom logo makes you feel at home. We have used stunning UI, latest design tools and technologies to put together an Intranet, in its truest sense.

Features to bookmark often used tools (Quicklinks), search people in your organization, push notifications and much more features are made available in the dashboard.

SharePoint Intranet Software

#2 Business Productivity Apps

We have built a lot of useful business productivity apps that work seamlessly on top of SharePoint enhancing your organization’s overall productivity. Normally, organizations have different tools to handle each task. For instance, a tool for Absence Management, another for Timesheet and a different one for Meeting Room booking and so on. Imagine how productive you could be if you have every app available under a single dashboard. No individual logins, no follow-up mails, no frustration. You get a unified experience in a single login. That is what Hubfly Intranet powered with business productivity apps do.

#3 Communication & Collaboration

Every organization demands effective communication and work collaboration to run their business more effective. Hubfly Intranet comes up with tools to relay corporate news, events to their workforce all at one shot. You can even schedule department wise news for a selected user group.

#4 Social Engagement

Hubfly Intranet is powered with Yammer the Facebook of corporations. There is no better tool to socialize and get engaged in office. You get notified about the latest happenings of your official social media without even visiting them. Our Social Media widget neatly displays them all for an easy view within your dashboard.

#5 Anytime Anywhere Access

Take your intranet in your pockets with our mobile friendly app. We have a native app developed with an excellent UX that enables you to get connected anytime, anywhere. You get almost all of the features enabled in our Mobile app. The benefits Intranet offers for a business makes even more sense when you can access it on any device and even while you are out of office, securely.

If that interests you, walk-in to our office or call us for a free demo. You would be amazed to see how effective and productive your businesses could run with Hubfly Intranet that is built on Microsoft SharePoint powered with business productivity apps.

Tamilarasan Kulandaisamy

Written by Tamilarasan Kulandaisamy

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