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5 smart strategies to solve your biggest Intranet problems

If you are planning for implementing an intranet within your organisation, there are lot of Intranet-in-a-box product to choose from. While still there are debates going on whether to buy or build one, you need to be aware of few problems that you may encounter. Whether you plan to choose one such in-a-box Intranet product or build your own, below are few of my nit-picks that you must incorporate in your implementation plan 

Avoid too many features

As the UX design trends states, less is more for your Intranet features too. Too many features in your Intranet is going to confuse your employees & they will loose interest in your system. Moreover ensure all these features(individually or collectively) meets your core ideas & strategy of an intranet. It also should align with your organisational values. Any unwanted feature added, you are going to increase the chances of it not being used or a loss in productivity.

Easy-to-use CMS

Content is an important factor that drives your Intranet. Look at my previous article on 'why' and 'how' of content management here. A system is as good as how easy it is to use. Any system that needs technical expertise, or steep learning curve will see a rejection. Considering this, your content management system (CMS) is going to be a deciding factor in success of your Internet. A simple & easy to use interface for adding & updating content is what all you need.

SharePoint Intranet Software

Drive Adoption 

People emphasise more on technology, features, design etc., in any Intranet Implementation. But they fail in devising a proper adoption plan. Any new system, even well designed will see challenges in usage & adoption by employees. One best way to drive adoption is to identify & appoint champions. They would be enablers of engagement in your Intranet ecosystem. Use these people to post useful content & prove productive engagement. More over your Intranet should be able to give you a detailed analysis of adoption. For example, which of the features are most used, where there are too may contributions & so on. This would help you plan future adoption activities, feature enhancements & better understanding of the system. 


Your intranet’s primary goal should be driving employee engagement, which is your business agenda too. It shouldn’t be a traditional information sharing system any more. A system that pushes information from top to bottom(management to employees) is long gone. Thus, its not about only adding content & enabling adding content. It's all about designing features & experience that would encourage your employees to take part and engage themselves. 


Above said ways can attract an initial engagement. But in a long run, your employees should get recognized for their contributions. This ensures for your Intranet to be a real success in long run. Gamifying your Intranet is the best & proven way to improve engagement. It is also a way of recognizing your employees for their contributions in your workplace. A simple points system, leader boards, winner badges & peer recognition is what all it takes. This for sure would foster better engagement & working culture in your organisation.

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Chanakya Jayabalan

Written by Chanakya Jayabalan

Chanakya holds an MS from BITS, Pilani has over a decade of experience in Microsoft digital platforms both on-premises & on cloud, helping customers in the journey to make their digital transformation possible. His work involves architecting enterprise scale digital platforms & integrations by making right technology choices & solutions.