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7 Reasons why Readymade Intranet is the best solution for SMB’s

We have over a decade of SharePoint experience and have worked with a lot of organizations in various domains, even before starting Hubfly. Every single organization we have worked are much clear about what an Intranet could offer with respect to communication or collaboration they have a lot of misconceptions, which we have discussed earlier in our blog.

But with the recent developments in Cloud and new features added to Office 365, it is now easy even for small organizations to reap the benefits of an affordable pricing. In today’s article, we shall discuss the top 10 reasons why Readymade Intranet is the best solution for your organization.

After All, What is Readymade Intranet?

Readymade Intranet is an ‘Intranet in a box’ solution that comes packed with set of business apps and all the basic features of an Intranet like Content Management, Collaboration & Communication tools etc.

There are lots of vendors offering Readymade Intranet solutions and Hubfly Digital Workplace is one of them. Hubfly has a ‘Plug-and-Play’ solution deployed on SharePoint/ Office 365 as a SaaS model, obviating the need to create an intranet from scratch.

With Hubfly, business enterprises can enjoy a ‘dynamic’ intranet experience and a complete content management system wherein users do not need to know how to work on SharePoint in order to add engaging content. This is what is the benefit of Readymade Intranets.

When we say, Readymade Intranet is the best for SMB’s, we have reasons. Let us discuss those now.

#1 Affordable Solutions

Small and medium businesses often think setting up an Intranet would attract large upfront costs and ongoing maintenance in addition to other expenses.

But if they opt for a SaaS model, they eliminate all upfront costs instantly and pay only a small recurring monthly fee for using the services. That is where SharePoint readymade intranets makes sense.

You get the same setup for a fraction of the cost. Also, you pay only for the services you use and the number of users you have. If you choose a readymade intranet package that has only the features you need as opposed to an enterprise grade intranet solution, you need not worry about the cost as it will be most affordable even if you are too small.

#2 Offers Scalability

Irrespective of the size of your organization, you would be looking for solutions that are scalable. At the same time, you might think that most of the readymade products are not scalable.

It might be true to some extent, but also remember that not all readymade products are created equal. The best thing about readymade Intranets is that it can be customized to match your branding.

Not just adding your logo and stuffs like that, but you could even match the branding colors so that your employees closely relate their Dashboard to your organization.

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#3 Instant Deployment

If you go for customized Intranet solutions that can take ages, atleast few months to a year depending on your organization. But readymade Intranet solutions can be deployed almost instantly.

Hubfly Digital Workplace is one such Intranet that can be deployed in a matter of hours! The fastest ever Intranet deployment, period. You can almost instantly go live with a readymade Intranet. So, you don’t really have to worry about the time spent on setup.

#4 Pay on the go; Pay only for what you use

The use of an Intranet varies from organization to organization. For instance, your organization might only need a travel management app and few basic Intranet features like Content Management, News broadcasting etc.

Why in this case, you should pay for a lot more features you don’t even require. With a Readymade Intranet, you can opt to pay only for the services you use. Easy and affordable monthly fee makes this great for small and medium enterprises.

#5 Configuration as easy as 123

You can easily configure and personalize your Intranet to your evolving needs. Readymade Intranets usually comes up with easy configuration settings for you to plug and play instantly after deployment.

The concept of offering readymade solutions itself has these easy and simple configuration steps in mind. So, you will not feel hard configuring your intranet to suit your needs. Most vendors even offer you more customizations at a very affordable fee. You could better have a discussion on such requirements even before purchasing your readymade intranet.

#6 No IT Team required

You don’t need to have a dedicated IT Team, maintaining all those costly servers and the top notch infrastructure a traditional intranet demands.

With readymade Intranets running on a SaaS model, you don’t even need technical persons to run the show. You just need to hire a SharePoint admin who can take care of the administration of your intranet. All updates are automatically pushed by Microsoft and you don’t have to worry about upgrading the system on a frequent basis.

#7 Quick Return on Investment

Your readymade Intranet if chosen wisely will have all tools that are required to automate your paper based forms with Workflow solutions as we have in Hubfly. And the power of business productivity apps it has, will help increase your productivity, enable better collaboration.

Readymade Intranets are an easy solution for most of the SMB’s to take their business to the next level almost instantly. We have seen lot of such companies who have dramatically transformed the way they work.

Chanakya Jayabalan

Written by Chanakya Jayabalan

Chanakya holds an MS from BITS, Pilani has over a decade of experience in Microsoft digital platforms both on-premises & on cloud, helping customers in the journey to make their digital transformation possible. His work involves architecting enterprise scale digital platforms & integrations by making right technology choices & solutions.