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Accelerate your Intranet as a Service with Hubfly

Leaders in IT have long recognized SharePoint as a de-facto tool for building Intranets of the future. There are many organizations that have made significant investments in building customized Intranet as a service solutions to suit their internal needs. In spite of all these, most companies strive hard to keep up the pace of innovation to deliver true value to their end users. In this scenario, we would like to introduce Hubfly Digital Workplaces aka Hubfly Intranet as a Service that are set to revolutionize the way your employees work, engage and collaborate.

Okay, what is Hubfly?

Hubfly is a Digital Workplace enabler that is aimed at enhancing the efficiency of business enterprises through collaborative technology. As an Intranet as a Service solution, it is a customizable platform powered by a suite of Business Productivity Applications which facilitate seamless communication, efficient collaboration and timely execution of tasks by employees.

Hubfly provides a Digital Workplace enabling Intranet as a Service solution that comes integrated with a suite of proprietary business productivity apps to automate business processes such as Holiday requestsService requests, project time sheets, booking of meeting rooms and asset management among others. You can read an interesting article on how Hubfly Intranet as a Service is unique.

Readymade Intranet that can be deployed in hours!

Hubfly Intranet as a Service is a ‘Plug-and-Play’ solution deployed on SharePoint/ Office 365 as a SaaS model, obviating the need to create an intranet from scratch. The beauty of the system is that it can be deployed in just a matter of hours! The fastest every Intranet deployment. With Hubfly, business enterprises can enjoy a ‘dynamic’ intranet experience and a complete content management system wherein users do not need to know how to work on SharePoint in order to add engaging content.

Hubfly Digital Workplace Key Features

Hubfly is on a mission to make the Intranet relevant to business organizations and making it central to their Digital Workplace strategy. As a product, Hubfly offers more than just an Intranet Solution that leverages the collaborative power of SharePoint. What distinguishes Hubfly’s solution from other competing intranet solutions is that it comes integrated with proprietary Business Productivity Apps and Workflow Automation Tools.

Hubfly offers line of business apps including Asset Management, Leave Request, Meeting Room Booking, Timesheet, Service Request etc. that will help transform the way your business operates and have a huge leverage on the productivity of your employees.

With Hubfly, business enterprises can give their workforce a full blown Ready-to-use Digital Workplace deployed within a matter of a few hours. This will be an ‘Evergreen Intranet’ which is synced up with all technology updates from Office 365 and having a user interface that is customized to each user’s preference.

Hubfly – Plans for the future

Hubfly will be working on a premium edition of its intranet solution that will empower every user with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered personal assistant. In this regard, Hubfly will be working with LUIS.AI and Microsoft Cognitive Services and taking the Intranet as a Service experience to the next level.

Hubfly endeavors to be the preferred productivity partner for global business enterprises in the future and will be looking to introduce more business productivity apps and automated workflow solutions on a periodic basis to deliver a superior intranet experience to its users.

Though SharePoint is a very powerful product that comes packaged with Office 365, it is estimated that barely 25% of these 100 million users know how to use it. This is the business opportunity that Hubfly is looking to capitalize. We estimate that business enterprises can enhance their productivity by 20-25% by using our intranet offering. Intranet as a Service will be the future and you can read why here.

Hubfly has adopted a per user monthly billing revenue model. The business edition of our product constituting a customizable intranet platform and integrated business productivity apps for Workflow automating processes is priced at $10 per user / month. Hence no lumpsum capital expenditure needs to be incurred.

You have a FREE no obligation trial offer going on. If you would like to get your feet wet with an Intranet that is set to revolutionize the way you work, please contact us.

Suresh Kumar

Written by Suresh Kumar

Suresh is someone who believes in first solving the problem, then writing the code. With good experience in SharePoint working for top multinationals in Bangalore, he now powers the development of Hubfly Digital Workplace.