Friday Learning – All About Android

Today’s session was real interesting with lively participation from every employee. The reason, you could see why in the topic. Yes, it’s all about Android. Hari our Android developer took us through the less known Android features and how to secure our data when using Android.

Here are few things Hari walked us through.

Enable ‘Allow remote lock and erase’ option

In case you lost your phone, enabling this option could come handy. You can easily wipe entire data from your lost phone remotely. Though you might have lost your phone, you could atleast secure your private data.

Disable ‘Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store’ option

There are enough apps in the Play Store. Why endanger your data by installing APKs from unknown sources? That will help malware app creators steal your data

Always Scan device for security threats by choosing Settings > Security > Verify Apps. This would help keep your apps safe with periodical scans.

When Hari showed us how to enable Developer mode by tapping the build 4 times, almost everybody tried. Hari would be having a follow-up session next Friday to share us more interesting Android updates. 

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