NASSCOM conducted a 2-day event spanning Nov 23, 2017 at Bengaluru. An event with full of Innovation fueling India’s Digital Revolution. This is for the first time, top Digital CXO’s across verticals spanning Retail, Telecom, BFSI, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, FMCG etc. will be attending the NPC 2017. More than 2000 participants either visited or had their stalls showcasing their product to the world.

Key Takeaways for Hubfly from NPC 2017

I had the privilege to attend the NASSCOM Product Conclave on behalf of Hubfly in Bengaluru. My mission is to showcase our product, the Hubfly Digital Workplace in a box to this wonderful audience and get insights/reviews/feedbacks, everything that is required to help make sales. Hubfly Digital Workplace is an Intranet solution that is built on top of SharePoint/Office 365. No doubt, a great event to show our product.

The event was really phenomenal and I got an opportunity to listen to some of the great speakers in the techno space. Also, in the 2-day long event, I stumbled upon a lot of stalls each one of them displaying their products, some of them very unique. For example, I saw a vendor having something called WaaS (Water as a Service). Much like SaaS (Software as a Service), WaaS eliminates the upfront capital investment and offers the consumers with reliable & low-cost drinking water.

I met atleast 500 people, exchanged our business cards, built relationships with them all which was really a great experience. Some of those I met included bigshots from great companies including Salesforce, Wipro, etc. They shared their insights during a brief interaction I had with them. Also, they gave me tips on how to get the first 5 customers. Sound advice from some great men, who already demonstrated success. Worth listening!

The event was an eye opener and I exactly understood what the prospects are looking for in our product. Back home, I shared my experiences to Team Hublfy as part of our Lunch & Learn session today.